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Publisher: The Lady Posh » BLOG DE MODA « Fashion blogger argentina
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    Publisher: The Lady Posh » BLOG DE MODA « Fashion blogger argentina
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    Lulu Fernandez Production of Fashion, Image Consultant. Writer and Author of a fashion blog. Lulu call me since I have no knowledge but my real name will not appear at all. My professional life began to form from an early age. I took classes in theater, music, dance and until recently skated professionally. Meanwhile art I'm not sure where I got the idea of ​​Systems Engineering Put me in when I finished high school. After years of study and work in that area I realized that my true calling was not that. My first professional contact was the fashion image consulting. Let's say I was born, I grew and grew in beauty and aesthetic centers, hairdressers, yoga classes and thousands of activities carried my mother. With some more clear doubts and eager to learn more, I studied Fashion Production, where I learned that a photo is a puzzle that works only if all the pieces are in place. My interest in communicating an idea, sell a product, to show the beauty said I should expand my knowledge, and so began a degree in Advertising. Did I tell you now work systems? After my workday, I attend college Monday to Friday. On Saturdays I manage the modeling agency where soil also teach counseling. Every so often I make productions for different brands, witnessed parades, fashion launches and help in some events organized by our family producer. I try to travel as much as I can throughout the year to learn from different cultures and know what lies beyond. And finally, it does not make it less important, I have this fashion blog I update almost daily and has become part of my life. You may wonder how to do all this work ... Methodical, thoughtful and thorough. I like to create, design and embellish all that I can. I'm pretty independent, self-taught entrepreneur. A lover of love stories and Disney movies. ¿Dreamer? Sure ... take an inscription on the wrist if ever I forget how important it is to believe in dreams and I think you have to hold onto them hard enough to make them reality. I hate violence, rudeness and obvious. I do not like people who criticize and make it a source of life. I was never good at remembering names, numbers too and I do not like if I dodged the affairs of the kitchen. They say I'm friendly, fun and reliable but I can at first seem very serious, quiet and even a few girl friends. I was taught to respect their elders, to give thanks and say please; permission and not take the world ahead, listen before speaking and appreciate me for who I am. As adults say, "I'm old-fashioned." I believe in love and family. I think a letter is worth a thousand characters or lines virtually published. I like phone calls more than Whatsapp, the Face and any messenger like it. Although work all the time with social networks to communicate with everyone ... I must confess that one of the things I love to travel, is being held incommunicado and disconnected. It is a time to find myself, take notes and photos of each thing that surprised me to share. Manias? I have many more than I think at this point, but I can tell you one that keeps me awake, and I can not sleep or even a nap with the door open wardrobe. Welcome to my blog!
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