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    Sponsoring and Advertising on the Lilith eZine The Lilith eZine and its network of websites and blogs is advertising and sponsorship supported. We add new content to our network of websites on a daily basis and our content is well researched, informative and (we hope) sometimes amusing. Our goal is to provide feminist-friendly and environmentally-friendly content. But in order to keep producing such content we need the support of advertisers. Direct Link Ads We don't make our advertising prices public, instead we prefer a bid system wherein advertisers can contact us for a text link ad and put in a bid. This is not a matter of competing bids for text ads. If the advertiser meets the minimum bid requirement and they are advertising something we approve of (ie. we don't approve of cigarettes) then their ad is accepted. Contact us to learn more about our Direct Link Ads and place a bid. We offer several different types of Direct Link Ads: #1. Regular Location, which can have up to 40 words and 3 links in it. #2. Premium Location, higher up on the page and in a more optimal location. #3. Regular Banner, a 160 wide x 600 tall banner, a 600 wide by 100 pixels tall banner, or a 728 wide x 90 pixels tall leaderboard banner. The banner image comes with ALT and TITLE text and one link. #4. Premium Banner, higher up on the page and in a more optimal location. #5. Ultra Banner (a 728 x 90 leaderboard banner ad at the very top of the page, right below the eZine banner and above the page content). All Direct Link Ads are good for one year. After the year is complete we will contact you for a renewal. All text link ads come in a handy black and white box. This is because we prefer to let our visitors know which links are ads and which are not. Buying a banner ad however makes it pretty obvious its an ad. Advertising Opportunies The Lilith eZine, Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith Gallery Network is advertising and donation supported. You or your company can do your part to help support the websites by either donating or advertising on our network of websites. To advertise just pick a specific webpage (or webpages) that you'd like to advertise on and contact us. Have a look at our standard rates below. Note: We do offer bulk rates if you order 10 or more ads at a time. Ask for more details. Once the ads have been placed you can send payment via PayPal. The Lilith eZine / Lilith Gallery Network gets over 5.2 million unique visitors per month (approx. 170,500 per day) and our average visitor stays for 4.4 pages. To learn more about our regular and premium advertising rates please contact us at lilithgallery@gmail.com You can have multiple links (up to 3) in an ad. There is an additional charge for extra links. Button Advertising - We can even add a mouseover effect so your button image changes to a different button to attract more attention. Button Advertising is a square image that is 160 x 160 pixels in size. It includes ALT text so it will still be picked up by search engines for specific keywords. For banner advertising you have two choices for size: 100 pixels tall by 600 pixels wide; 600 pixels tall by 160 pixels wide. It includes ALT text so it will still be picked up by search engines for specific keywords.
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