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The Practical Tactical Podcast
Publisher: Practical Tactical — Practical application of Tactical principles and teachings, for the everyday common person
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    Publisher: Practical Tactical — Practical application of Tactical principles and teachings, for the everyday common person
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    Advertising ADVERTISE WITH THE PRACTICAL TACTICAL PODCAST Download our Media Kit here We are now making room for a limited number of advertisers. We are selling 10 banners in the 234 x 60 size on our right margin. We standardized on 234 x 60 because it will create a uniform look to the blog and allow all advertisers reasonable/ comparable exposure on our site. OUR ADVERTISING MODEL Most sites sell higher positions for more money, The Practical Tactical Podcast charges a flat fee and ad positions are rotated weekly. New advertisers start at the bottom of the stack and each week the top position is rotated to the bottom to allow all advertisers equal time at various positions on the site for one low rate. ONLY 14 POSITIONS AVAILABLE We have 14 slots to run our banner ads in, we reserve one for our sites personal use, two we use to “plug” burgeoning products and services, and one which we give as a free “grant” to one company each year for supporting our show. (This years free grant is given to RSKTKR Consulting who has supported the show like crazy). We utilize the top three slots in the “Of interest to our readers” section for our one personal banner and two plugs. The grant slot and all others are located in the “sponsors” section just below and a rotated weekly to ensure each advertiser gets the “top slot”. TO APPLY AS AN ADVERTISER First let us say: We see advertising on our site as an endorsement from us. Therefore we may NOT accept all advertisers who apply (This is not a ploy. We will not accept advertisers whom we wouldn’t gladly do business with, or whose products we don’t believe in), to be approved you must follow the instructions outlined below. We will not accept any advertiser unless we are willing to vouch for your company and your product. We are not in the advertising business at The Practical Tactical Podcast…we are in the business of serving our listeners by providing entertaining and informative content. To Apply as an Advertiser… 1. Email the page you want your banner to link to and a copy of the banner you plan to use (if you have one) to casey@practicaltacticalpodcast.com Also include the term you want to initially sign up for. Please include a link to your banner, or if you need us to host your banner, thats no problem as well. The link makes it easier for you to change the banner (within the specs outlined) at your whim. 2. Casey and Justin will privately discuss acceptance of you as a new advertiser. 3. Once you are accepted (it should not take more than 72 hours) We will notify you and let you know where to send payment via PayPal, or if you prefer you may pay by check but it will take longer to get your ad running as it will not be posted until such time as the check clears. 4. Within 24 hours of receipt of your funds and your ad banner, we will begin running your ad for the agreed upon term. TERMS Month-to-Month = $200 per month, paid in advance 6 months = $900 ($150 per month) 12 Months = $1200 ($100 per month) BEST VALUE!!!! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 
ABOUT ADVERTISING: Question – I don’t have a 236 x 60 banner, can you make one for me? Answer – Yes, in most cases. This assumes that you have some source graphics we can use and you know what you want it to say, etc. ———– Question – How much traffic will you send me? Answer – There is no way we can guarantee any traffic volume because your product, ad, and your position in the rotation will have an effect on this. Additionally you should consider not just direct traffic but the branding effect of being seen on our site on a daily basis and the mentions you will get on the podcast. If you so desire, we will provide a “Sponsor of the Practical Tactical Podcast” banner for your site. ———– Question – How many people visit The Practical Tactical Podcast page on average? Answer – The site currently receives approximately 3000 visitors each month. This number is continuing to grow and will be updated semi-annually. We had over 100,000 visits in the first six months of operation! This fluctuation is due to an article that went “viral” ———– Question – How many people a day listen to the podcasts? Answer – On average each new episode of the podcast is downloaded about 300 times within 24 hours of being published by regular listeners via our feed, and an average of 619 times per episode. There are many additional listeners that come directly to the site to stream vs. download the episodes and thus can’t be accurately counted. We are also syndicated in Stitcher Radio, iTunes and we are currently working on other sources as well. Much like our site traffic is continuing to grow–so are the podcast downloads. We have seen enormous increases in downloads with each new episode. ———– Question – What do you mean I “will get mentions on the podcast”? Answer – Simply put we will mention the “Sponsors on our Website” and do a brief featured pair of advertisers on each show. These will go in a simple rotation and the mention will be, “and our sponsor of the day is XYZ Company” followed by some commentary from the host about why they recommend the sponsor. We do “two sponsors of the day” to ensure everyone gets a mention. We do NOT do canned prerecorded advertising within the show. We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast (www.thesurvivalpodcast.com) for the basic outline of the advertising policies contained herein (why re-invent the wheel?). Jack creates a wonderful daily show on preparedness, and is truly a trail-blazer in the podcasting realm for what we are doing. Thanks, Jack! And keep up the Great Work!
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