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    Advertise The Prodigal Guide is an online luxury lifestyle magazine like no other: self-deprecating and irreverent. In December 2012, it attracted •25,924 unique visitors •30,716 visits •107,015 page views From •22.03% United States •16.11% United Kingdom •4.08% Canada •3.45% Italy •3.23% Germany •2.89% Singapore •2.73% France •2.70% Netherlands •2.58% Australia Mobile •75% desktop •25% mobile Social media •About 3,000 engaged Twitter followers •1,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel and 270,000 views •350 Likes on Facebook WHAT? We do our damndest to publish funny, erudite and – most of all – opinionated content about the things we love. To maintain this unique voice and perspective, we forge the closest of working relationships with our commercial partners for the benefit of our common audience. “The Prodigal Guide is the best of its kind.” – Stefan Johansson, owner, H2 Products Inc. WHY WORK WITH US? •You’ll reach the right audience: The Prodigal Guide attracts more than 25,000 unique readers every month (they make 30,000 visits, read 107,000 pages and we’re still growing every month.) It’s a global audience (25% from North America, 16% from the UK) of educated, affluent consumers. Our readers aspire to the best, have an existing affinity for luxury brands and enjoy sharp, sophisticated content. Every month: •25,000 unique readers •30,000 visits •107,000 page views •They’ll get your message: For partners who are looking for branding opportunities, we offer display ads; for those seeking more product-focused exposure, we produce sponsored content; and for organisations interested in longer-term campaigns encompassing branding, product promotion and corporate profiling, we offer a broad and flexible ‘patronage’ model in which we work with you to develop co-created content that our readers will read and enjoy. That means choosing our patrons carefully and – together – agreeing the best way to put the spotlight on their brand or products. It’s more work that way but it’s worth it for you, for the site and for our readers. “In the world of blogs targeting the luxury industry, many are called, but few are chosen. TPG is in the latter category.” – Jérome Pineau, Community Manager, Marvin Watches •You’ll sound credible: While all too many online publications are content with regurgitating press releases, the Prodigal team speaks its mind with candour and humour but also informed fairness. In other words, we take the business of being silly deadly seriously. We always check our facts and believe that this plays a huge part in our impressive traffic growth and the kudos we’ve gained from readers and industry commentators alike. “They actually know what they’re talking about.” – Meehna Goldsmith, Watch Department, Christie’s •You’ll do so with appropriate style: We put an unusual effort into the aesthetics and usability of our site – as well as the quality of our writing. Our aim is simple yet ambitious: to be the clear benchmark in online luxury publishing. As a result, we believe that we have an attitude and style that is unique and a perfect fit for forward-thinking, aspirational brands. “…a style that is a perfect fit for forward-thinking, aspirational brands.” HOW? If this sounds like the right fit for your brand, please read on. Display advertising Branding opportunities are provided by our five prominent advertising slots. These clear, elegant display adverts can host the content of your choosing and, of course, include a link to your site. •Slot 1: Leaderboard 728×90 in header •Slots 2 and 3: Medium square 300×250 in sidebar above the fold •Slot 4: Medium square 300×250 in sidebar below the fold •Slot 5: Leaderboard 728×90 in footer below the fold Sponsored content For brands seeking to raise awareness of a particular product, offer or other facet of their business, we offer the opportunity of sponsored posts. These can be either supplied by the sponsor or we can produce something bespoke for them. In either case, we offer additional options to enhance its effectiveness. •Supplied content (advertorial) •Bespoke content created by TPG •Inclusion in Prodigal TV – video content •Inclusion in our masthead as a featured article for a month Patronage For brands looking to execute a longer-term strategy with a broader set of objectives, we offer a very close working relationships that we call ‘patronage’. While patrons enjoy all the benefits of display advertising and bespoke content, they get something more: a tailored service that includes consultancy and a campaign approach that encompasses exposure across all of our channels. Depending on your requirements, patronage packages can include: •Strategy planning sessions with Prodigal Communications •Numerous bespoke posts per month (text, photos or video) •Posts featured in mastheads •Regular outreach on Prodigal Twitter, Facebook and email newsletter channels •Inclusion of company logo on all posts and on ‘Prodigal Patrons’ page •Use of the display advertising slots Two levels of patron package are available: •Section patron (cars, films, food & drink, gadgets, style, travel, or watches) •Exclusive site patron (no other patrons or advertisers featured at the same time) For further details including a bespoke quote for any of the options above, please contact us.
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