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Publisher: DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture Markets, News and Weather
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DTN/The Progressive Farmer is a global IT solutions and information services provider that improves the efficiency, safety and security of the world’s leading companies.

We serve industries that are both central to everyday life and critical to the sustainability of our planet, including the energy, transportation, agriculture and environment sectors. Through the delivery and integration of real-time business intelligence, our solutions enable our clients to make better decisions as they manage vast infrastructure and complex daily operations.

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    Publisher: DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture Markets, News and Weather
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    We have created an ag media company with resources and abilities never seen before. Our continued commitment to the industry, dedication to delivering ag's pre-eminent business publication, and ongoing goal to grow our digital information services to meet the changing needs of today's producers, have provided us with a unique and positive position. The results have been the domination of all the major ag publishing awards, the deepest penetration into the largest producer markets, and industry-leading time spent with an issue (more than 90 minutes). DTN/The Progressive Farmer is the media company with the most innovative advertising packages. We deliver the industry's leading producers through highly-targeted print, digital, video, and mobile vehicles, as well as live events. Additionally, The Progressive Farmer is the industry's only national farm publication — and delivers the largest circulation in ag.
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