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    Salad history – Simple, Healthy and Exotic ADVERTISE WITH US ADVERTISEMENT According to the food historians the Babylonians and Romans first ate greens with the dressings of vinegar and oil almost 2000 years ago. John Evelyn was the other person who tried to make it popular among the Britons in the year 1699. He published the green salads recipe in his book called Acetaria: A Discourse on Sallets. Royalty also experimented with salad. Scottish queen Mary also ate the salad made with celery roots, hard-boiled eggs, chervil, truffles and mustard dressing. During the 19th century it became popular in United States and after that it captured the whole world with its aroma. In the 20th century, the salad became the favorite dish of the whole world. Today, the salads are available in the supermarkets of the countries like Australia, Japan, China and America. The salad bars in the restaurants also serve the different types of salads to their customers. In fact the fast food-chains are also offering this nutritious dish these days. In US market various fast-food chains are selling the packaged salads especially to the health-conscious people. The packaged salads basically appeal to those who don’t get time to compose their own versions.
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