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    Publisher: The Shark Guys
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    About Noel Boivin and Chris Lombardo, AKA, The Shark Guys Who ARE The Shark Guys? Well, NOEL BOIVIN (left) has been exploring Southeast Asia and working as a journalist, both on a freelance basis and most recently for the Bangkok Post. He lives in Thailand and it was there that Noel began work on The Man Who Scared a Shark to Death, with writing collaborator Christopher Lombardo. Hundreds of emails and thousands of air-miles later, the books and the humour website, The Shark Guys were born. Their most recent work is the humor list book, Tastes Like Human: The Shark Guys’ Book of Bitingly Funny Lists. Boivin has written for the National Post, CNN GO, Toro Magazine, The Calgary Herald and is a contributor to Cracked. He has appeared on KISW radio in Seattle. After earning a degree in life sciences from the University of Toronto, CHRISTOPHER LOMBARDO (right) turned his attention (briefly) to journalism school, from which he dropped out to pursue freelancing, and write books. Chris has written for the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toro Magazine and Toronto Star and is a contributor to Cracked. He has made appearances on Global National TV, CBC Newsworld TV, CBC Radio, Buffalo Beast Podcast and as a social media expert on Newstalk 1010AM radio in Toronto. Lombardo speaks Italian very badly, German much less so and his loyalties are divided along these, his ethnic lines every World Cup tournament. He lives in downtown Toronto. Shark Guy humor has been linked in FARK, Cracked, IMDb, Gorilla Mask, Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, Toronto Life, Mental Floss, Comedy.com, L Magazine and Inside St Louis just to name a few. The Shark Guys are members of the Large Association of Movie Blogs (L.A.M.B) CONTACT INFO: Write to The Shark Guys: thesharkguys[at]gmail[dot]com For advertising inquiries see ‘Advertising Opportunities’ below or email: admin[at]thesharkguys[dot]com For Rights Inquiries Please Contact Lisa Rundle @ Penguin Canada Lisa.Rundle[at]ca.PenguinGroup [dot] com ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Thank you for your interest in The Shark Guys, a popular humor site with a 4 Google PageRank that was founded in September 2007. The site is a Top 10 List humor site targeted to fans of cerebral humor and skewers current events, pop culture, religion/the supernatural, reports on weird news, media criticism, shoddy science and sports (when it has as little as possible to do with on-field play). If you think your company offers products or services that would benefit our readership or you think The Shark Guys would help bring eyeballs to your site, consider purchasing ad space here. For text-based advertising, we are affiliated with Text Link Ads. Please see their site for advertising on The Shark Guys.
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