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Publisher: The Stage : News, opinion, listings, reviews, jobs and auditions for the performing arts industry
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    Publisher: The Stage : News, opinion, listings, reviews, jobs and auditions for the performing arts industry
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    Advertise with The Stage Since its launch in 1880, The Stage has been dedicated to supplying its readers with first-to-market news, reviews, listings and comment on the world of professional entertainment and performing arts. We have the ability to inform our readers across all aspects of the performing arts markets – as opposed to just a select few – which continues to distinguish The Stage from its competition. Recruitment and Auditions To discuss your recruitment and auditions needs, contact Katie on 020 7939 8471 or katie@thestage.co.uk We provide an unrivalled response from quality candidates at the most cost effective rates. From theatre related vacancies to auditions, teaching positions to technical and backstage posts, The Stage is the marketplace for the widest variety of jobs in the entertainment industry as well as other related organisations. Print – For only £23.25 per single column centimetre or £26.25 in colour With an impressive track record of success. Align yourself with the respected brand of The Stage with over 130 years’ experience of publishing jobs and auditions to the industry With annual subscribers accounting for 70% of The Stage’s readership base, you can take advantage of a highly targeted, committed and quality audience With over 10,000 weekly readers to the Stage you can be sure that your message gets out to the largest newspaper audience in the UK entertainment industry. Online – for just 25% of the print advert, you can receive a 14 day online placement too Instant, and with an extended audience reach, www.thestage.co.uk can provide you with a platform more effectively than ever before. By either enhancing your print ad online, or advertising online only, your vacancy message will reach our digital audience of 280,000 plus monthly unique visitors Your advertisement is uploaded within minutes – there’s no need to wait for weekly publishing slots Our job alert service has over 104,000 registrations and is growing by 3,000 new users a week, all designed to push your latest opportunities out to the market You can be sure that a large, hungry audience for jobs is present with over 214,000 individuals registering for access to our jobs and auditions online section Advertise a Training Course To discuss your training needs, contact Sales on 020 7403 1818 or sales@thestage.co.uk Whatever entertainment trade or profession readers aspire to, they’ll turn to The Stage’s Training and Tuition section as the established marketplace offering the widest opportunities. The UK’s leading drama schools, universities, colleges and those offering private tuition regularly use The Stage to advertise and promote the widest range of courses available to The Stage’s interested and highly responsive audience. Print – For only £15 per single column centimetre or £18 in colour Your advertising spend will go further and work harder with our intensely targeted industry readership combined with the numbers to give you excellent value for money. Online – £457 will allow you to promote your courses under 3 category headings for the year With over 1.5 million page impressions per month, you can be sure of an unparelled reach – promote your business to a huge audience and generate more leads Competitive – attractively priced against traditional advertising Flexible – update your ads throughout the year to promote your latest offers and promotions Unique – there’s no comparable service available Display Advertising To discuss your display advertising needs, contact Michael on 020 7939 8490 or michael@thestage.co.uk Your message will have the best possible route to market by taking advantage of The Stage’s various media platforms and advertising options. Print – For only £15 per single column centimetre or £18 in colour With over 10,000 weekly purchasers accessing this audience, covering a wide cross section within the industry, makes The Stage a compelling medium for our commercial partners. A renewal rate of over 80% with many readers subscribing for over 10 years Distribution of the newspaper at all major performing arts events throughout the UK For over 100 years the industry has turned to The Stage as the authoritative voice on what is really happening in the professional entertainment and performing arts market Online – £9.50 per 1000 page impressions will ensure you can run a cost effective campaign A combination of up to the minute breaking news together with critical analysis of the industry makes www.thestage.co.uk, the must-visit online portal for the entire industry. Following a major investment and re-launch of our online platform in 2012, The Stage website provides marketers and media buyers with the perfect digital platform to engage with thousands of people who visit our site on a daily basis. Over 400,000 visits to the website per month. Making it largest traffic driving arts and entertainment news portal in the UK Over 280,00 unique visitors to the website per month Viewing readership via iPhones and tablets has trebled over the last two years, allowing you to access an evolving online audience. Classified To discuss your classified needs, contact Neema on 020 7939 8472 or neema@thestage.co.uk Read by the key decision makers in the UK, whether they work in theatre, backstage, a charity, local government or in venue management, The Stage Suppliers and Services Directory gives you the opportunity to reach an even larger and wider audience. Whether it is online or through the newspaper, our readers have access to an unrivalled number of services providers resulting in the advertising on these products reaching thousands of entertainment professionals. Print – For a low weekly cost you can take advantage of this cost effective medium Generate a strong impact by using our display box full color adverts and by adding a logo you can make your presence even greater We can make it easier for you by helping you design your advert. Online – enhanced online listings at £160 per year In June 2012 we relaunched the brand new services directory covering industry services such as agents, photographers, financials service and coaching/tuition to name a few. All designed to attract the largest relevant audience possible to the new website. The web traffic generated to the online services directory has increased by 50% since the re-launch ensuring your message reaches its greatest audience yet.
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