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    Publisher: theteesheet.com Golf Unfiltered
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    The goal of TheTeeSheet it to be your main source for golf commentary, opinion, humor, news and connection to social culture. For us golf fans, keeping up to date on golf ideas, commentary and opinion has several challenges: it is not consistent; it is all over the place and it tends to be aimed at either hardcore golf fans or tends to be too simplistic for even the average golf fan. Plus, a lot of it is just not that fun to read. Most commentary out there, both in print and other media, is insular to the golf world. The goal of TheTeeSheet it to bring golf out of this blinkered world to the broader world of sports, entertainment, society and popular culture. This is what golf is to most of us. We come from the perspective of the golf fan but also a fan of all sports and popular culture in general. I read almost everything out there so I hope to bring to you (via links) the more interesting columns and views out there. More mportantly, TheTeeSheet provides original content. While being accurate and well researched, TheTeeSheet aims to bring some fun to golf commentary.
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