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The Vanilla Housewife
Publisher: The Vanilla Housewife | Stories from my third world kitchen
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    Publisher: The Vanilla Housewife | Stories from my third world kitchen
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    Website Statistics Blog Followers – 1,160+ You really should start reading my blog too, you know. Demographics 54.15% – Male 45.85% – Female 33.50% – 25-34 years old 27.50% – 18-24 years old Social Media Stats Facebook – 1,400+ Twitter – 2,200+ Pinterest – 600+ Google+ – 600+ Instagram – 450+ Bloglovin – 350+ Klout Score – 63 Surprisingly, people do follow me! So who in the world is Jhanis? I’m a third world blogging mama. I work by day, blog by night and parent my kids somewhere in between. I have a husband somewhere in the house who tolerates the ridiculous amount of time I spend on the internet because who knows just what this mama is going to blog about if he tries to stop me. And I love him to bits! This blog is a hangout for women (and men too, apparently) of all ages and sizes. It’s like laundry break. They come here to laugh and to forget about the lingering thought of jumping into the washing machine to hide. Why should you work with me? I make people laugh and THAT creates a positive emotional connection between your product and the readers. Brilliant, huh? That’s adult learning, sort of. Advertising Rates Sidebar Ads 250×250 – $15/month or $40/3months (bloggers rate is at $5/month or free for swap) Sponsored Post – $50 includes 2 weeks 250×250 sidebar ad Reviews – Free for products over $50
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