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Publisher: The 'Ville Voice — a critical take on Louisville news
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    Publisher: The 'Ville Voice — a critical take on Louisville news
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    Every time you visit The ‘Ville Voice, you’ll get a new and enlightening experience, a new way of looking at what’s going on in our city. That’s the idea behind the 100 area landscapes you see on the rotating banners at the top of the site. It’s no accident that the photos look at Louisville landmarks from a variety of angles and distances, much like our editorial outlook will examine stories big and small from distinct and original points of view. This site isn’t just about the big news that makes our city tick, but also the stories behind the stories. We’ll examine the way our local media operates, and dish out a mix of compliments and complaints about personalities and politics of Metro Louisville. Along with our sister site, Page One, this is a one-of-a-kind media venture combining original reporting with the tools of technology, and a little bit of attitude, to bring you a can’t-miss daily stop in your online travels. In 2006, this site started as an outgrowth of a regular media column in the LEO Weekly. A year later, the site became a part of Full Signal Media Group, a growing entrepreneurial venture now owned by Jacob Payne. Working journalists, political insiders and regular folks help populate the daily flow….
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