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Publisher: Think Rich. Be Free. - Guide towards financial freedom
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    Publisher: Think Rich. Be Free. - Guide towards financial freedom
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    Hello! To get things started, my name is Mark Ross and I’m the one responsible in building this blog, Think Rich. Be Free, with the supervision of Rossella Canaoay. There is not much that I can say to you about myself at this point in time because I’m too young and inexperience to share what my job was or what I do to keep myself alive, for now, I’m just a college student with a goal of becoming rich and financially free one day. I created Think Rich. Be Free at the time when I stopped studying because I decided to change course. With so much free time that I can use, I began to seek for things that can help me become a better person. Well, the way I view a great person is when he or she has a lot of money, I’m not saying all rich people are great but those who did it doing the right thing and are still perceiving in life. Some of the better individuals that I’m pertaining to are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as well as Warren Buffett. They are all wealthy and are able to help others in a big way, that most men cannot do. Because of that, I began aiming to be like them and be rich. Enough of things about myself, now, I would be telling you about my blog, Think Rich. Be Free. This blog was created for me to be able to easily share my thoughts and ideas and help others in managing their finances and educate them so that they could improve their financial knowledge, and hopefully, their financial life as well. Think Rich. Be Free. aims to guide its readers, regardless of their age, sex or status in life, to be rich and be financially free. Every one wants to be rich right? Why not start today by giving some of your time in developing your financial knowledge. My blog would be talking mostly about finances and other things that may or may not be related to it. Some of the following topics that may be published on this website are: How an individual can cut down his or her expenses and save his or her hard-earned money How a person can start his or her own business and increase his or her cashflow How he or she can benefit from the bank and not the other way around How one can make his money work for him or her and be a good investor Even though, I am not that old or experienced to be giving advice or lessons to others, I believe that I can still help them when it comes to their finances. All I can boast to you is my will to learn and help other people, and I can assure you that I will not be writing any false information but only true and helpful posts in this website. That’s all. I hope you’ll have a great time in Think Rich. Be Free.
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