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    Behind the Blog Curious about the writer behind This Simple Home? My name is Annette, and I have been a blogger since early in 2009, though I began "This Simple Home" in early 2012. I am quite content in my home, though we certainly have our challenges. (Sometimes those challenges go by the blogging names of Big Sister, Brother, and Little Sister.) This Simple Home focuses upon a few things that make a home: family, food, and faith. As you know, there is a lot more to a home than just those three items. I share about things that are relevant to myself and other women I know including crafts (for adults and children), good books, cleaning tips, recipes, and homemaking in general. Quite honestly, I am learning as I go. I still make plenty of mistakes in the kitchen. My husband doesn't even flinch when I say ouch now. And he knows that somehow I nearly always manage to cook our grilled cheese sandwiches very well done, but not because we prefer them that way. On any given day, at any given hour, my home is a mess. Not only are the toys not put away even during naptime, but there are dishes in the sink, and a stack or two of "stuff" on the counter. That's on a good day. Most days one entire side of the island counter is covered in stuff, though I reserve the other half as my work space. I may keep up with the washing of our laundry, but I struggle to put it away. There is typically a load to fold in a basket all three baskets and another waiting in the dryer. But we try to have fun and enjoy one another...and just because there are dishes in the sink doesn't mean that we can't have a friend visit. But I can't stop trying! My family needs my daily effort. Perfection will never happen, but if I make sure my family knows they are loved and I am working to love them, then that is a successful day despite the tantrums and piles of dishes. On the best days, I remember to stay focused upon Jesus Christ...It's never good to take my eyes off my goal! Meet my family and me, see our home, and read more about why I created This Simple Home. Please feel free to explore our recipes, crafts, and favorite books, too! (See more topics in the sidebar like organizing and faith.) Occasionally I talk about special needs. (Our son has epilepsy. Our oldest has overcome verbal apraxia and outgrew a life-threatening heart problem called SVT.) I love to be home, and I like to keep family and home-related things rather simple. This blog keeps me mindful of housekeeping, something that does not come naturally to me. I enjoy sharing recipes and homemaking tips that work for me here and in person. If you want to know a bit more about me, read these 37 things about me!
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