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Founded by former Washington Post investigative reporter, Allan Lengel, ticklethewire.com features the latest news in Federal Law Enforcement including coverage of the FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and Department of Justice in both original and aggregate content.

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    Ticklethewire.com taps into the latest news in Federal law enforcement with current coverage of the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, US Attorneys, Justice Department, Homeland Security, ATF, U.S. Marshals, Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs and more. Ticklethewire.com’s audience includes federal agents and officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, law professors, the media and general public. With more than 300,000 employees under the umbrellas of the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and regular recognition by mainstream media and the blogosphere, ticklethewire.com’s impact on powerful and influential audiences will only continue to grow. Businesses now have the medium to reach these important agencies and newsmakers with ticklethewire.com. Stories by ticklethewire.com have been cited in major publications like the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News and websites including The Drudge Report and Huffington Post and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show. Editor Allan Lengel is a former reporter for the Washington Post and Detroit News and a former journalism teacher at the University of Maryland. He also served as an intern with the late investigative columnist Jack Anderson. You Can Pay For Your Ad With a Credit Card A Federal law enforcement officer profile: 61% male 39% female 35% ages 35-49 28% age 50 and above 41% have annual HHI’s between $60K and $100K 19% have annual HHI’s of $100K or more 49% attended college 17% attended graduate school Source: Quantcast/FLEOA.org Ad Sizes and Rates Button 2 (120 x 60 IMU) $400mo. Square Button (125 x 125 IMU) $450mo. Half Banner (234 x 60 IMU) $650 mo. Rectangle (180 x 150 IMU) $500mo. Full Banner (468 x 60 IMU) $850mo. Medium Rectangle (300 x 350 IMU) $600mo. Vertical Rectangle (240 x 400 IMU) $600mo. Large Rectangle (336 x 280 IMU) $750mo. leaderboard – (728 x 90 IMU) $1,000 mos. Skyscraper (120 x 600 IMU) $850mo. Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 IMU) $850mo. Half-page (300 x 600 IMU) $1,000mo. Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship (Emailed four times a month to a select reader list ) $900 mo. All ticklethewire.com ads comply with the standards established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (www.iab.net). We request that initial ad file downloads be limited to 40k. Please limit animated ads to 15 second loops. Ad files may be emailed to ads@ticklethewire.com. Sponsor: Become a ticklethewire.com sponsor for $3,000 a month. Package includes Leadership, Banner, Big Box, Tile and Newsletter which comes out eight times a month. - See more at: http://www.ticklethewire.com/advertise/#sthash.rETapBij.dpuf
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