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    ABOUT ME meteethwater Hi and welcome! I’m Jeanette Nyberg, keeper of this blog, and here is a little about me: I am an art-school-educated East-coaster who managed to wander aimlessly to Chicago after college, expecting to stay for 2-3 years. 7 years later I married the love of my life, gained a couple of freaking amazing step kids, birthed a couple of weird little people, and adjusted to life in the suburbs. Which brings me around to what sort of person I am. I love the suburbs, and I’m not even ashamed to say so anymore. I’m a massively introverted, sensitive person. Now don’t go getting the idea I’m a pathetic twitchy little imp who cowers in corners. I enjoy the human contact, and I won’t burst into tears if you look at me askance. I do hate crowds and lots of noise and grime and all that shit. Things I love: dogs, Starbucks iced green tea, naps, Scandinavian design, goats, Pinot Grigio, turkey burgers, snorkeling, yoga, HGTV, bags and wallets, knitting, colored card stock, street art, and that’s it. Nothing else. Things I hate: kale, small talk, people who don’t put their carts away in the cart corral. cart corral Secrets: I like my steaks WELL DONE, I watch The Bachelor, I fantasize about being a wildly successful business mogul, eat spoons of peanut butter with chocolate chips, slow down in front of people who tailgate me, and have dyed my hair since I was 17. Woo! Facts: I went to art school. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design, and graduated with a degree in, um, Ceramics. Just who in the hell allowed me to choose that major? Oh well, Ceramics are fun. I want to do ceramics again- I want to try every art and craft material I ever see, which turns into an expensive habit. Oh, and painting! I sold my acrylic paintings for about 5 years in Chicago galleries and art fairs. jeanette nyberg paintings If you want to learn even more about me, here are some more posts that are at least semi-serious: An Alphabet Lesson for You Knuckleheads On Love and Gratitude My Life in 354 Words I am an introverted Hermit Who Lives Under a Rock The Little Mister Eternal Grandma Ginia (thinking a little about mortality) ***** Which gracefully brings me to my next topic. I also enjoy swearing on here, so go right back out through the revolving door if you are offended by such phrases as, “fuckwad”, “penis-breath”, and “shitwallops” (I just made that one up). In addition, I make use of sarcasm, stupid drawings, horrible poems, indulgent lists, and pretty pictures. Essentially, you are reading the blog of Boo Radley and Amy Sedaris’ love child. When I first started this blog, and it was called Craftwhack, I wrote posts to amuse myself and my husband, Christian. I would crack myself up, in fact, and it made me nervous when I started to get readers. So much so, that I eventually sort of abandoned my blog to start a new blog about art and design for kids, called Artchoo. (I’ve since combined the 2 blogs here!) I love all things creative for kids, so I was able to come up with an endless supply of content for that blog, but my heart started to ache for this blog. I realized how much I had learned to love writing and sharing bits of myself and crafting posts that were really about life in general. Still here? Good! Why don’t you head over to my About Tiny Rotten Peanuts page to see what I blog about.
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