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Publisher: Titus 2 Homemaker - hope and help for the domestically challenged
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    About Me Who is the “Titus 2 Homemaker”? Rachel Ramey, Titus 2 HomemakerMy name is Rachel Ramey, and I’m the voice behind Titus 2 Homemaker. Stuff you might want to know about me: I have been married to Michael since September 2000. I’m a homeschool graduate… …and now also homeschooling mama to Ariel (8/2002), Sophia (6/2007), and Livia (4/2011), all born at home “unassisted,” and Caleb (5/2013), also born at home. (That’s four, ages infant to 11, in case you don’t care to do the math.) Stuff you probably don’t care about, but might think is cool: I was a Girl Scout for 12 years, earning both the Silver Award and the Gold Award (in addition to dozens and dozens of badges). My parents were foster parents most of my growing-up years, so I’ve had lots of siblings! I’ve been rappelling (as part of the “Teen Police” program in Ft. Lee, Virginia, many years ago). (If you want to watch me ramble on about myself on video, you can find my about me video on YouTube.) I am not (at all!) domestic by nature. Rather, my being a stay-at-home-wife and homeschooling mother is a willful act of obedience for me. I’m learning to enjoy it (especially as I get better at the individual tasks involved), but my hope is to be a particular encouragement to those who are discouraged because homemaking and mothering do not come easily to them. It doesn’t to me, either, but I’m willing to work at it, and it is worth the effort! I am creative, in a thinking-outside-the-box sort of way, but not in the traditional, artistic sense. (I very much enjoy crafts, but most of the crafts I do are ideas I found elsewhere; I rarely come up with art ideas all on my own.) This is something that I would like to change, so I have been making a decided effort to work at this, as well. I am a very linear, concrete thinker, so visual arts are an area where I’m trying to improve. My three great “subject loves” are theology, education theory, and nutrition/natural health/whole foods cooking (three topics with so much overlap I can’t really look at them separately). You can read more about my family’s beliefs here. What is the Titus 2 Homemaker? Eclectic, like me! As I see it, homemaking is not a niche pursuit, so this blog is not a “niche” blog, either! I’m very opinionated, so I have a tendency to write some strong opinion pieces on occasion, as well as reviews of books I really loved or really hated. I do review other books and products, too. :) Other posts are about such home-centered subjects as cooking, cleaning, organizing, frugality, parenting, or homeschooling. Some are health-related – particularly those that address little-known facts or outside-the-mainstream thinking. Some are related to personal growth and productivity, such as descriptions of my personal planner system, or technology and/or the blogging community. Still others are just for fun, to share about my life, to point out other sites/blogs that might be of interest, or to stretch the limits of my own creativity. There is just no way I could focus my blog on one specific area – then it wouldn’t reflect me! (See the ADD tendencies yet? lol) My primary goal is to encourage and equip other women in the callings of homemaking and motherhood. I have certainly not “arrived” in these areas. In fact, I really struggle in most of them! But it has been my experience that those who are really good at a certain thing – organizing, for instance – aren’t always very good at teaching someone else to do it. It comes so naturally to them that they “just do it” and, therefore, aren’t sure how to explain it to someone who really struggles. My strength, then, is in the struggle itself. If I had to work really, really hard to learn how to do something, then once I’ve finally figured it out, I know what to tell you – because I know what I needed to know. Where is the Titus 2 Homemaker? Well, obviously, you can find me right here. You can also find me: on Facebook on Twitter (I don’t use it much, but I do tweet new posts so if you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ll be sure to see them.) on Pinterest (my favorite!) on Google+ (which I’m still learning) on YouTube (ditto – I’ve gotta learn the whole video thing!) Why “The Titus 2 Homemaker”? Some might find “The Titus 2 Homemaker” to be a rather presumptuous title, given my admitted lack of aptitude for domestic tasks. I don’t think it is, though, for one simple reason: Titus 2 does not describe a woman who has “arrived.” Titus 2 gives instructions for both older women and younger women, and the fact is, I will always be either one or the other (or both, depending on the circumstances)! There will never come a time when I will not be in a position either to teach or to be taught the skills and principles laid out in Titus 2. Because of this, Titus 2:3-5 is what I consider to be my “theme passage,” and (I think) a fitting theme for my blog. Rachel Ramey on G+
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