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    This is a website dedicated to mini laptops and portable computers you can easily carry around on your voyages. We mainly write about sub-laptops and netbooks, as our title suggests. But with technology moving further so fast, we’re also addressing tablets, portable notebooks and any other good devices that could come in handy if you travel a lot, like to have your gadgets around but are reluctant to carry heavy things around. We’ve started out journey back in 2008 and since then more than 1.2 millions readers have landed here on the site, generating nearly 5 million pageviews. Right now, 2000+ readers are following us by RSS and you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. In the rows below you’ll find a couple of things about the team here at TLBHD.com and about the types of subjects we cover. Why visit TLBHD.com ? It’s pretty simple what’s this site about: netbooks and small computers. We’re trying to gather in one place all the info a regular user would need before deciding whether to buy a netbook or not. Thus, we’re trying to help you understand what netbooks really are, what are their strong points and their downfalls and help you pick the right device for your needs. We have the latest news If something fresh comes up, we’ll tell you about it. If a new product was spotted somewhere in the world, a new OS emerged or some new useful accessories for your netbook entered the market, you’ll find out about them. But we’re not focusing on news actually. You can find those on other sites too. We’re focusing on reviews, guides and thorough researched posts. Tips, comparisons and explanations Although most netbooks are more or less the same, there are differences between them. That’s why we’ll compare them: some are better looking, some are more durable and some have better operating systems and applications. We’re going to help you understand all these differences and all the technologies behind a modern netbook, so you’ll really be able to pick what best suits your needs. Thorough reviews As often as we’ll grab our hand on a new device, will test it as through as we can. Everything will be covered, from construction quality and finishing details to performances and autonomy. Links to user reviews from real buyers will be available too, along side quality pictures with most of the important parts of the device tested. Shopping guides + deals And of course, after you managed to understand all the details about netbooks, read some reviews and decided on what you need and want to buy, we’ll help you by gathering all the best deals available online, all from big shops like Amazon, Buy.com, Newegg , etc. This way you won’t have to spend time searching for the best prices, as we’ve already done this for you. Coupons and extra price cuts will be posted too, if available. Final words All in all, tlbhd.com is (ot at least craves to be) the place you’ll first visit when looking for info about netbooks and the place you’d recommend your friends too. I must add that this site is completely legal and safe for you to browse, as it does not track your movement or use any kind of script to capture your private data. Also, we don’t send SPAM via our newsletters and won’t give away your email address. So rest assure, we are doing our best to offer you the best experience possible here. If you want to stay in touch, I’d recommend subscribing to the RSS feed or e-mail newsletter (there’s a bonus in there as well). Or you could also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you care to contact us for any reason, just use the Contact page. We’ll try to answer as fast as possible, just don’t send spam, cause you’ll get no reply for such messages anyway. Now let’s get back to the posts. Thanks for your time, Mike and the entire team behind TLBHD.com.
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