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To All You Princesses
Publisher: To All You Princesses | Written to the Daughters of the King
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    Publisher: To All You Princesses | Written to the Daughters of the King
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    About To All You Princesses is a place where girls and women alike can come to be refreshed with encouraging letters reminding them who they really are… Princesses. My name is Katya Richter and I am a princess. I discovered this reality at age 17 and it changed my life. Before then, I didn’t think of myself as a princess but rather a servant. I told myself I could never be a princess, that was just a fantasy I had as a young girl. No. This was reality and I had no crown on my head, no royal jewels. I believed I was more like the pauper, doing everything I could to please God so that He would still love me. Katya Richter - PrincessThen I got involved in this small group at my church and they told me how we were royalty, princesses, and children of the King. I learned that God was my Papa and He loved me no matter what I did or didn’t do. Today, I still struggle from time to time knowing who I really am, rather than what I see in front of me, but God is awesome. He always is there to remind me. Which brings me to this blog… God gave me this dream about a blog that I would write for all the princesses out there (whether they knew it or not), to remind them who they are, just like how He reminds me and to show them what it looks like everyday to live out being the King’s daughter. Katya WalkingSometimes there will be some other people posting like my mom and maybe some other writers I know. You will just get a nice little mix of beautiful people writing to you. Doesn’t that sound fun? This is a new journey and I am excited we get to do it together with God guiding both of our little princess hearts. Love, Katya
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