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    Contact Info for Bob Cromwell Bob Cromwell. To contact me, send an e-mail message to this address: type my address! To do this securely, use my public key. Toilet sign, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan. To the Main Page Answer Other Basic Questions Did Thomas Crapper Invent the Flush Toilet? NEW! Squat or Sit? Wipe or Wash? Paper or Water? Bowl or Bin? Where do I put used paper? Where's the Seat? What's a Bidet? How Can I Install My Own Squat Toilet? Can You Clean a Toilet With Fire? What is a Toilet Snorkel? Should I Incinerate my Sewage in the Basement? NEW! Other Categories Toilet Quizzes Toilets Around the World Historical Toilets Toilets of World Leaders Toilets in Motion Toilets of Arts and Letters Toilets of Faith Unusual Toilets Toilet News and Irrelevancies Google+ inShare submit to reddit Delicious delicious Or, to see a list of my publications, just click here. Sorry about making you open a mailer window and then transcribe my address by hand (the above is a PNG image, not copy-and-pastable text), but I do not want to get more spam. The spammers run their own automated processes to crawl through web pages and collect e-mail address patterns. This is sometimes called "web scraping". Once upon a time you could hide your address from the spammer's automated searches by using Javascript. You can no longer use those tricks, as the Javascript function document.write() is not allowed within XML or XHTML. Of course, you can't easily use XML or XHTML anyway: Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not support those modern languages, as explained on another page. My pages are written in XHTML, and unless I have overlooked something, they all validate as valid XHTML with valid CSS, but my server tags them as text/html so that users of the rather out-of-date Explorer product can view them. Some people attempt to fool the spammers' automated searches by obfuscating the HTML mailto: tag and their address through ASCII encoding. However, that is easily circumvented by the spammers' automated web-scraping programs. FYI, that image was created with ImageMagick: $ convert -size 280x30 xc:transparent \ -font Helvetica \ -pointsize 20 \ -draw "text 10,20 'address@example.net'" \ -fill black address.png Find my site on DoubleClick Ad Planner You may need to change the 280 to a larger number in that command if your e-mail address is longer than mine, to allow it to fit into the image. You may want to make that number smaller if your address is shorter, so your image isn't much bigger than it needs to be. And, of course, you can change the first 20 to make the text larger or smaller, accompanied by
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