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Tom's Hardware: News and Reviews Technology
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    Tom's Hardware: News and Reviews Technology
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    Tom's Hardware is the benchmark in the world of technology for people looking for product testing, peer review, discussions, tutorials and guides . And of course news, rumors, previews and official information, presented with care and professionalism. Tom's Hardware is the most popular and influential magazine in the world of online technology. The Italian edition has been online since 2003. The first version of the site was born in 1996 in the United States from the intuition of Thomas Pabst . Tom gathers around him a team of experts dedicated to the daily technology journalism. The goal is to provide the most comprehensive information and clear as possible, distinguishing itself for its rigorous testing. So the readers Tom's Hardware can rely on authoritative and unbiased articles on any technological product, which help in the buying process and clarify the key aspects of a choice. Tom's Hardware has testing laboratories in America and Europe and is the only specialist website to have multiple test advantage. The publisher Purch is a global company with offices in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Taiwan and the United States. Currently Tom's Hardware has spread in a dozen languages worldwide. Tom's Hardware Italy was founded in 2003 and now has 19 full-time employees and numerous prestigious collaborations. For many years the magazine is in the top 3 of Audiweb technology channel and is constantly growing. Since February 2012 Tom's Hardware is partner of the Group L'Espresso, it is represented commercially by the dealership Attilio Manzoni and is present in the channel Technology Republic .
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