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    Work With Me Topaz Mommy has an average of 50,000 views a month. Clearly, this mommy blog is supported by love and friendship. And advertising! I'm happy to accommodate ads, sponsored posts and promos, although I only do so if I use, love and strongly believe in your brand. Why work with Topaz Mommy? There are a million mommy blogs so why choose this specific blog? Topaz Mommy is known for being an extremely honest blog—moms love the raw emotions and the tell-it-as-it-is quality this blog stands by, and this attracts passionate reactions, heated debates and a high level of engagement. Still, there are a lot of honest moms out there, too. So what will make Topaz Mommy a brand you'll want to partner with? As a writer and a former magazine editor, I can offer you more than the average blogger can. I know how to create content that readers want. I am trained to seek out the new, the newsworthy and the interesting. I have a keen understanding of brands and marketing. Plus, I write really well! All these qualities make for an attractive partnership because you know that your brand is in good hands when you work with Topaz Mommy. Rates My rate is Php 50 for every 500 page views. The only sizes available are the leaderboard space and a 250 x 250 pixel square ad on the sidebar. Note: I have a soft spot for mommy blogs and mommy businesses. For you, the rate is just Php 50 a day. You can book one day or 12 days or 30 days or 365 days! The rate will change every 6 months, depending on the statistics. Since my stats are steadily rising, I strongly recommend booking months in advance! For complete ad packages, sponsored posts, promos, speaking engagements, interviews, brand collaborations and brand ambassadorships, please shoot me an email here: frances@topazhorizon.com. I have a really nice media kit! Thank you for your interest in Topaz Mommy!
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