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Publisher: Total Travel Guide - Accommodation, Tours, Flights & Maps - Totaltravel
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Totaltravel is one of the largest travel sites in Australia and New Zealand and is part of Yahoo!7.

We're an online travel destination for travellers to book, experience, research, review and be inspired by travel. Travellers can research destinations, read the opinions of other travellers, find travel offers and then deal directly with travel suppliers to save money. Thousands of travel suppliers offer their products and services direct to our large and active travel audience.

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    Publisher: Total Travel Guide - Accommodation, Tours, Flights & Maps - Totaltravel
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    Totaltravel has partnered with to offer transactional functionality for accommodation on our site. Why list with Totaltravel and Totaltravel offers rich editorial content and over 15,000 Australian travel related business listings, drawing audience as they are inspired, research, plan and book. As part of the Yahoo!7 network, our advertisers have access to a premium audience around eight million Australians a month. Our target demographic of 25-54 year olds are highly engaged to research and purchase travel online. is the market leader in online hotel reservations, with more than 475,000 room nights booked on their website every 24 hours. provides a cost effective commission-based model, and a network of over 5000 affiliate partner websites. They have more than 331,395 accommodation providers in 41,000+ destinations, and visitors from all over the world. will help you increase your room sales and optimize your room occupancy. Sign up with to sell your rooms across their affiliate network and via Totaltravel.
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