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We specialize in advertising through the Internet since 2000 managing to market we lead.
We offer web design and all kinds of promotional electronic and printed kind actions services.
our company

Our mission is to offer innovative advertising solutions using new technology and following international trends. Always with respect to customers, we faced each case as unique and cover the viewing needs, providing excellent quality at an affordable price. Our goal is to continue its success in penetrating new markets and increasing our market share in every area of ​​our activity. We pay special attention to the functionality of our service and that is why we make sure to refresh often to modernize and singles. But the most important is that we follow international trends and technologies to remain No.1 in the Greek market. We have a high budget for our ad on TV, radio, the press and the site reports to achieve maximum exposure for us and all our partners.

Our team

Founded by two young, self-made and full of zest people, Fotis Coconut and Constantine cap before about a decade, uniting their vision, their love for technology, information and advertising. The first worked on two major private channels in the country as a journalist, serving free reports at the central news, and the second traveled incessantly throughout Greece as advertising manager. We have selected the best possible partners to support your needs and so have the appropriate parts being composed as IT and Development, Promotion & Advertising, Support and syntax so that can offer services to the highest degree!

Our goal

Our goal is to continue its success by offering innovative advertising solutions, but at the same time, our product is absolutely user friendly. Our concern, information on new technologies and international trends and their integration in our field, but also the duration of the quality of our services. Come and do with your first steps Before After Teamwork We team, join! Together we move and manage desired. We are here to listen to you and move on with the vision of your own company. Case study create it safe, offering progressively samples of project progress and final case studies. You know what awaits us just tell us what you want. The future is the present plan everything according to the latest trends. Our concern to be modern. Support We are here over 10 years! Be sure of the long term so we support. Satisfied customers and partners We are here for you Contact us

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    Fotis Karidas
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    Lekka 23-25 Str 10562, Syntagma, Athens, Greece
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  • Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Social, Desktop Video
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    HOLIDAY travel Greece Hotels Hotels Deals 2016 deals
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    Managed Service
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    Consumer Packaged Goods, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Non-Profit, Travel & Leisure
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    Maximize your revenue from the services offered by Touristorama Group To Touristorama one successful decade in the tourism area using cutting-edge technology! Advertisement of your company in Touristorama.com Increase the efficiency of your company through the thousands of visitors of the largest travel guide in the country. Deals - Deals Discover a new world of customers. The deals.touristorama.com sent holiday the last two years thousands of travelers and worked with dozens of tourism businesses. Contact us now to analyze your way our cooperation. Website and mobile applications Find the most easy and functional way to communicate the image of your business on the findings public. The company www.emfanisi.com member Touristorama group has the solutions. Social media - Let others speak for you We can take responsibility and your specific communication objectives in social networks Marketing email Contact financial and straightly how existing and prospective customers your
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