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    About Us Mission 1: We're here to provide you with whatever fantasy sports advice you need. Have a question about whether a trade should be passed or vetoed? Need to know if you should accept or offer a trade? Wondering which player to add off of free agency, and who to drop to get him? Need an unbiased and neutral third-party answering all of these questions and more? You've come to the right place. Unlike other websites that will give you a computer generated/ mathematical response, or charge you for advice (or both!), we here at Trade Tyrant will give you the personal attention you deserve. Trade Tyrant is an alternating staff of five fantasy sports enthusiasts who have decades of combined fantasy sports knowledge. What you get when you Ask Your Question is Advice from five Staff members who are responding in-depth and personally to each question, based on a combination of statistical analysis, experience, and more. We're here to help resolve any questions or disputes you have to offer, FOR FREE, so long as it's related to basketball, football, baseball or MMA. All you have to do is Ask Your Question! Mission 2: While we are here for your fantasy advice needs, we also understand that it is vital to a healthy life style that you don't sit at home all day following fantasy sports. We know this first hand. This is why our co-mission is to not only help you follow and learn more about the sports you love, but to also encourage you to go out and play them! Stay healthy! Trust us; you can follow fantasy sports and play real-life sports at the same time. Our mission is to help you realize this. We are here to promote fitness and exercise.
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