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TradioV is a pioneering media venture founded by former investigative reporter and talk show host, Mike Zinna. It combines Radio, TV, and Blogging, into one highly effective interactive media experience.

TradioV’s line-up is comprised of feature and reality programming, with a healthy dose of news, politics, and social commentary. TradioV is not an objective broadcaster. We are biased against objectivity. We require every show in our line-up to adopt a position, and openly advocated for their beliefs. We believe in the First Amendment. And to prove it, many of TradioV’s programs are completely at odds with each other – which in our opinion, is a beautiful thing. TradioV is the only broadcaster that authentically reflects society, in a raw, unvarnished, and occasionally unruly way. And yet, sometimes it’s just fun.

We take a highly scientific approach to identifying, capturing, and retaining our fans. We’ve formulated secret algorithms that send our broadcast signal to a demographically-certified audience (ie: people who possess eyes, ears, a brain, and at least one finger or toe).

This unique combination of physical attributes allows our target audience to perform truly remarkable feats: They hear and see exactly what they want, magically think for themselves, and then, amazingly, click a mouse and buy stuff from our sponsors. It’s pure genius.

Welcome to TradioV. It’s Radio in TV. Everywhere.

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    TRV-HOMEPAGE-TITLES-contact-us “Zinna Media Group” (zinna.com) is a landmark media endeavor founded by Michael Zinna. ZMG brings together the most compelling facets of entertainment, broadcasting, social media, and technology, to push the boundaries of media as we know it. ZMG creates, produces, monetizes, broadcasts, and syndicates virtually all forms of entertainment. Zinna Media Group currently reaches over 60 Million People worldwide each month, with 1,000+ Web Publishers, and more than a dozen Live Events each year. TradioV (Radio In TV), is a division of Zinna Media Group, and a cutting-edge broadcast network located in Hollywood, CA. TradioV focuses on celebrity-driven long-form TV and Radio content, broadcast in HD across the internet. We are located at: 6121 Santa Monica Blvd. ste# 201 Los Angeles, CA 90038 Terms of Use TradioV offers the following forms of advertising within its programming: - Pre-Roll/In-Stream/Post-Roll - Brand Integration - Celebrity Endorsements - Product Placement - On-Air Live-Reads - Banner Advertising/Skins For more information on TradioV and a Media Kit please email: Advertising@TradioV.com. For more information on Zinna Media Group’s portfolio of opportunities (TV and Radio Production, Celebrity Appearances, Monetization and Sponsorships), please email: Marketing@Zinna.com. We look forward to working with you. ~ The ZMG Business Development Team
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