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Trapica Labs - Hyper dynamic targeting using AI
Increase Marekting ROI by 200% and reduce conversion costs using Hyper Targeting
Connected TV, Linear TV, Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Search, Social, Desktop Video

Trapica is an Artificial Intelligence platform that allow marketing managers and companies to make smarter marketing campaigns and grow faster, by unique algorithms that doing automated Targeting, bidding and creatives optimization for ongoing campaign across every social platform source.

Our proprietary AI technology offers unrivalled granularity, reliability and completeness over any other solution on the market. With the ability to constantly monitor, learn and react on ongoing paid campaigns, it is proven to reduce acquisition costs, increase life-time value (LTV) and accelerate business growth.

  • Company Name:
    Trapica Labs - Hyper dynamic targeting using AI
  • CEO Name:
    Mike Teitelman
  • Headquarters:
    New York, Berlin, Tel Aviv
  • Office Locations:
    New York Berlin Tel Aviv
  • 11-50 employees
  • Connected TV
  • Linear TV
  • Desktop Display
    • Brand Integrations
      Yes No
    • Sponsored Posts
      Yes No
    • Native Ads
      Yes No
    • High-Impact (Takeovers, Billboards, Overlays, Sliders, Skins)
      Yes No
    • Rich Media (Expandable & Non-Expandable)
      Yes No
  • Email
  • Mobile Display
    • Mobile Rich Media (Including Interstitials & Expandables)
      Yes No
    • Tablet Traffic
      Yes No
    • Native & Custom Mobile Executions
      Yes No
    • Requires SDK Integration
      Yes No
  • Search
  • Social
  • Desktop Video
    • In-Banner Video
      Yes No
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Video Companion Ad
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Connected TV, Linear TV, Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Search, Social, Desktop Video
  • % of Media Spend, CPA, CPC, CPCV, CPE, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPV, Pay-Per-Call, Revshare / ROAS, Flat Rate
  • Ad Agency, Ad Network, Ad Technology Provider, Affiliate Network, Demand Side Platform, Facebook FMP, Mobile App Publisher, Other, Retargeting, Twitter MPP, Web Publisher, YouTube MCN, Instagram Ads Partner, Pinterest MDP
  • Minimum Spend:
  • Headline:
    Increase Marekting ROI by 200% and reduce conversion costs using Hyper Targeting
  • Self / Managed Service:
    Managed Service & Self-Service
  • Industries
    Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Dating, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Mobile App Installs, Retail, Sports, Technology, Travel & Leisure, eCommerce
  • Key Differentiator
    AI, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence Optimization, Targeting Optimization
  • Targeting

    Hyper Dynamic Targeting

  • Data Partners
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google
Site Traffic
  • 6941913 Global Rank
  • 521937
  • 2.3k Estimated Visits
Traffic Sources
  • Direct
  • Referrals
  • Social
  • Search
  • Mail
  • Display
Geography Breakdown
  • France
  • United States
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
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5 out of 5 stars
Online Marketing Manager
May 23, 2017
Israel, Bat Yam, Tel Aviv
Great social network campaigns optimization
I'm working in a large agency, we are using trapica for few months already and those fox are amazing! their platform helped us to reduce conversion cost for our customers and we even succeeded with they to double our spend and still get a very good conversion cost. very recommended if you are spending money on social networks
User Acquisition Manager
Apr 21, 2017
Israel, Zur Moshe, HaMerkaz
Ad campaigns targeting optimization
$2.5MM per month
Great platform, they automate our user acquisition and optimize it using their artificial intelligence algorithms, for the last 6 months they helped us to scale up and in the same time improve our revenue. Amazing Team! thank you! :)
Online Marketing Manager
Apr 03, 2017
Israel, Tel Aviv
Social marketing optimization AI
Found them using this platform. Trapica's AI did and still doing amazing job to our campaigns on Facebook and Twitter! Using their platform we succeed to scale from around $100K per month to $350K with a good Conversions rate Thank you!
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