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    About Us Tri Hamlet News is an online community news source for the Mastics, Shirley, and Moriches. Our goal is to play an important role in your quality of life and to provide a valuable form of public service to our neighbors. We all know that weekly media sources help strengthen the communities they serve. Tri Hamlet News is hoping to boost the local economy, both through advertising and in news coverage. One of our goals is to showcase community businesses at a time when we need to be shopping locally, investing in the community and protecting local jobs. We will also focus on good news, news of Scout projects, civic club fundraisers, Little League registration, chamber of commerce happenings, church bake sales and students who make the honor roll or dean’s list. Information like this helps neighbors get to know each other a little better. We will also report on anni­versaries and family reunions, reminding people of the things they like so well about their community. We will provide an accessible forum for discussion. We will allow readers to make their voices heard, and enable ordinary citizens to deliberate on the future of their community. Your community newspaper should serve as a watchdog to hold elected leaders account­able. We want to be the light that shines on local governments, using Freedom of Information Laws to get public records and make those available to citizens. We want to keep voters informed. We want people see how their tax dollars are being spent. During an economic downturn when tax dollars are scarce and the demands on them have increased, it is vital for our local news­paper to bring this to the public’s attention. As a community magazine, we will always promote our strengths and our goal is to produce a quality, commu­nity-oriented online newspaper of which our read­ers will be proud. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty and a strong dedication towards publishing the truth. Please support us, read us for all the local news happening in your community, and remember: our local retailers are counting on you as well. A valued news source will strengthen our community!
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