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Technology content trusted by users all around the world - we have been online since September 1999.

Offering the latest in daily a - z computing technology content and news on subjects such as PC hardware, tweak guides, overclocking, cooling, CPU, motherboards and video cards

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    TweakTown is an international online computer publication which has stood the test of time, launching way back in September 1999. It has editors, testing labs and offices located in Australia, UK, Taiwan and several in the United States. TweakTown started off as the personal homepage of Cameron Wilmot, which served as his personal webpage (blog), but quickly transformed into a professional online computer magazine, after the posting of several tweaking guides, which focused on improving internet connections for users on 56k internet connections. TweakTown provides comprehensive and trusted testing of all the latest PC hardware and has of 2007 begun focusing more attention on consumer products, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computer systems. TweakTown offers the latest in daily a - z computing technology content and news on subjects such as PC hardware, PC and console gaming, tweak guides, overclocking, cooling, CPU, motherboards, video cards, memory, SSDs, hard drives, chipsets, performance analysis and much more. TweakTown has been featured on television and in many publications, newspapers and magazines around the world, including CNN, TechTV and The Screen Savers. TweakTown content is syndicated by many sites including Google News and has provided content for other publications.
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