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Two Kids And A Coupon
Publisher: Two Kids and a Coupon - Frugal Family Fun and Living
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    Publisher: Two Kids and a Coupon - Frugal Family Fun and Living
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    About Us Kim from 2 Kids and a Coupon 1 Welcome to Two Kids and a Coupon! I’m Kim and as you probably figured out we’ve got 2 kids, so where do I begin from there? I’m a working mom based in small town Iowa. I’m married to a wonderful and somewhat crazy guy, and have an energetic 4 year old son and an even more energetic 9 year old step-daughter. (Needless to say I drink lots of caffeine!) A few years back I did a Google search for “coupons” for the first time in an attempt to stretch our budget and our lives changed dramatically. Instead of saving $10 or $20 a week, our family saved hundreds of dollars a month, plus we found other ways to save too. We had so many people asking us how, my husband and I started Two Kids and a Coupon to help share information with a few friends and things blossomed from there. While we do still share coupons and deals with our readers, our blog has become so much more and we now share fun family products, reviews, activities, tips, entertainment, recipes and more with our readers daily. Our team has also grown and we now have several contributors to our site and you’ll also see our 2 kids and my husband and myself here on our blog featured regularly. It’s great hearing from readers who are now saving money and able to better make ends meet because of information we shared. We hope you find at least a few ways here to make life more fun for your family! Partnerships Two Kids and a Coupon does receive compensation and / or product for exchange for some of our articles. While we do receive payment like any business we never let this influence our opinions and are always honest and never endorse product we don’t try out ourselves. We are absolutely PR friendly and would love to work with your company or brand. Contact us today for more details! 2kidsandacoupon@gmail.com. Press Two Kids and a Coupon has been featured different publications and sites worldwide including MTV.com,Wired.com, IMDB.com and many, many more. We can help you get social media exposure for your product, service or business. Two Kids and a Coupon is still a work in progress, but if there are questions you have, or things you’d like to see — please let us know — we’re happy to help! Thanks for stopping by!
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