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Publisher: Unusual and unsightly mailboxes from around the world. - Ugly Mailbox
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    Publisher: Unusual and unsightly mailboxes from around the world. - Ugly Mailbox
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    Hi I’m Linda, or as my friends now call me, “the crazy mailbox lady”. I live in Southeast, Florida with my husband, my four year old son and two cats that I would like to drop off at the nearest Chinese restaurant. The idea for Ugly Mailboxes has been bouncing in my head for a couple years. I would drive pass a house with a really off the wall or a just plain ugly mailbox and think, “I really need to take a picture of that and post it on the Internet”. What held me back in the beginning was the technology behind it. I had no idea how to work the interweb with all it’s tubes and such. My initial plan had been to set it up as a “Rate my Mailbox” type of website and I’m just about clueless as to how to do that. Then I discovered the ease of blogging. Well, honestly I discovered blogging about about 6 years ago when I created a website for friends and family to track our cross country move. I remember it well, I hosted it on Geo-cities and sat there each night with my HTML for Dummies book updating our daily progress which consisted mostly of funny bumper stickers, signs and town names that we had spotted along the way. Someone came along and noticed the website and dropped me an e-mail informing me that blogging would be a great alternative and pointed me in the direction of Xanga. I started a personal blog there, again just for friends and family. We lived far away from everyone and it was a great way to keep in touch. Fast forward to May ’07, I’m a stay at home mom, and I haven’t updated my blog in years. Actually, I think I stopped right around the time I discovered EverQuest… but that’s a story for later. I realized that with my son heading off to preschool I had a little extra time on my hands and it was time to do something with it, other than play mmorpgs. And thus my blog was born. I hope you love it, or at least don’t hate it much. What I’ve enjoyed most so far is hearing from other people and seeing what pictures they have taken. So please, keep your camera in your car so you don’t miss out on a great conversation starter!
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