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    Ultimateffstrategy.com is a brand new fantasy football site that provides you with information that no other site can give you. There are an enormous amount of fantasy football sites that provide cheat sheets, player projections, sleeper picks and a ton of magazines that do the same thing. Many of those are very interesting to look at but unfortunately there is a lot of luck involved in fantasy football. Although some experts may be better than others, drafting a player blindly because a certain site ranks him high on its list is like rolling a die. There are many things that are difficult to understand such as why Derek Anderson suddenly broke out and became one of the best fantasy quarterbacks, why Jerious Norwood never becomes #1 RB in Atlanta or why Brandon Marshall and Wes Welker became top fantasy WRs last season. The truth is very few people predicted those things and even the proclaimed experts who say they did probably missed just as many predictions. This is the reason why this site focuses on strategy and statistical analysis instead of player rankings. I still provide player articles, articles on offensive lines and other factors that impact a player’s production but you can also find a lot of articles on strategy that you cannot find anywhere else. If you ever wondered when to draft your QB, whether you should go RB or WR in the second round, if third year WRs really breakout, if rookie RBs are worth drafting, if you should stay away from players who play in the cold weather come playoff time or if there is more value with rookie or sophomore WRs then this site is for you. I believe that by doing analysis such as those ones, it is possible to limit the luck factor in fantasy football and by combining your analysis of players with a strong strategy you are increasing your chances of winning your league. Ultimateffstrategy.com is a site for any fantasy football player. I do a lot of statistical analysis that may seem a little complicated but I do my best to break it down in simple terms and provide a simple conclusion that everyone can understand. I have been in various fantasy football leagues for over ten years and have done simple redraft leagues, auctions, dynasty leagues all with different scoring systems and position requirements. I provide information for every level of fantasy player and although I do offer my own opinion to help you out, I encourage you to make your own judgement and decisions based on the information I provide. Everything on this site is free but there are advertisements on the site and there is also a link where you may make a donation if you wish.
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