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    Sponsor Info I’ve been blogging since May 2013. Although I consider myself a newer blogger I’ve already expanded my reader & fan base so much. The changes in the numbers are astounding to me and I’m forever thankful for everyone who has came along for the ride! If you’re into numbers… As of April 4th, 2014 Facebook Fans: 4318 Twitter Followers: 4579 Pinterest Followers: 644 Bloglovin’ Followers: 409 Instagram Followers: 547 Brands I've Worked With $17.00Add to cartLets Make A Deal 200x200px Banner Only 5 left! Starts Jul 14, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 6 shown at a time With this package you will have a little bit of a choice! You’ll get a spot on the sidebar of my blog as well as a weekly Facebook and multiple Twitter shout-outs. I’ll also repost and promote one giveaway/ad/post of yours that you choose. Also includes an optional sponsor spotlight where I will make a post on my blog ALL ABOUT YOU! $14.00Add to cartThe Basics Plus 125x125px Banner Only 4 left! Starts Jul 14, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 4 shown at a time This is basically the same as the The Basic Package but in this one I will give you TWO shout-outs (one every other week) $11.00Add to cartThe Basics 125x125px Banner Only 4 left! Starts Jul 14, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 4 shown at a time This package will give you a spot on my sidebar under sponsors and will run for 30 days. I will also give either your blog or Facebook page ONE shout-out on twitter and ONE on Facebook. $2.50Add to cartFacebook Mention Mention Available now. Want just a simple Facebook shout-out? Here you go! $2.00Add to cartTwitter Mentions Mention Available now. This spot will give you 2 mentions (i.e. @yourusername) to my over 4500+ followers! $0.00Add to cartProduct Review Post Available now. I’m more than willing to review products at NO CHARGE :) All it will cost you is the product for me to try. I will give my honest opinion of the product and post it in my blog. You may also choose to do a giveaway of the product.
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