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USjournal.com, LLC is owned and operated by Cheryl DarrupBoychuck

* Dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and integrity of international student recruitment, from both the student perspective and the admissions perspective

* Represents about 100 top U.S. universities, colleges and English Language Programs who specifically want to welcome and support globally-minded students

* Provides valuable information about the often-complicated process of U.S. admissions, via our family of 16 independent, multi-lingual domains

* Evolved from a print publication, the U.S. Education Journal, in the early 1990s

* Launched an online version of the magazine in April 1996

Learn more: http://www.USjournal.com/en/about/about.html

About Cheryl DarrupBoychuck: http://www.USjournal.com/en/about/profile.pdf

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    Current Services, included in each standard campaign Customized Profile Page: A page within USjournal describing your program, such as Troy University in Alabama. The advertiser supplies text and images. You may request modifications to any element of your campaign for no additional cost. Direct Contact Information on the Advertiser Profile Page: Based on extensive log file analysis and correspondence directly with globally-mobile students, we have found that many students prefer to communicate directly with the campus when they are seeking more information about U.S. academic options. As a result, we are encouraging advertisers to include direct links to their .edu domains, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-addresses on their Profile Pages with us, in addition to the links leading to our inquiry form. Even though we will lose some ability to track our efforts precisely, the modification is in the best interest of the students we want to attract, and our U.S.-based advertisers who want to welcome them. Customized Automated Responses: Advertisers may dictate Automated Responses to inquiring students based on their selection of Degree Preference and Academic Preference. If you choose not to customize your responses, USjournal will create a simple template for you. Customized Category Selection: For each program you promote, you may select any combination of the following criteria: Academic Level, Field of Study, and Amount the Student or Sponsor Can Pay per Academic Year. Customized Spreadsheets: We send our advertisers files (in your choice of .xls, .csv, or .xml format) with the data collected from inquiries about those particular programs, either quarterly, monthly or weekly (whichever you prefer). The Report compiles the e-messages that are forwarded to the advertiser immediately after the student submits an inquiry. These spreadsheets are importable to most database programs. Because of this efficient feature, you may direct all of your prospective students to your USjournal Profile Page. Cross-Promotions on Selected Sites Related to International Student Services: For years, USjournal has been forging strong relationships with respected colleagues who serve globally-minded students and the U.S. campuses that want to welcome them. Among our affiliations: ESLDirectory.com, NLC.cl, ICEF.com, and many others. The list is constantly evolving to best serve our advertisers. Rolling Deadlines: You may place an advertisement on USjournal and any of our sister sites at any time. We typically post English versions within a week (and translated versions within two weeks) of receipt of text, images and payment. Additional Services, available at extra costs Enhanced Promotions within USjournal.com: You may enhance your exposure on USjournal. Each External Link / Rotating Banner from our home page (to a domain outside of USjournal) costs an additional $750. per year. Each Internal Link / Rotating Banner (to your Profile Page within USjournal) costs an additional $450. per year. The typical size of promotional banners is 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. Multi-lingual Video Promotions are also available; contact cheryl@USjournal.com for details. Translation-Only Services: We prefer to work with campuses on comprehensive multi-lingual campaigns, where we translate, localize and promote campus profiles in particular languages in particular regions. However, we recognize the occasional demand for guaranteed, professional translations only, done by native speakers familiar with the higher education systems in the USA and in the target countries. Contact cheryl@USjournal.com.
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