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Publisher: Vegas Today and Tomorrow-The Future of Las Vegas
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    Publisher: Vegas Today and Tomorrow-The Future of Las Vegas
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    Back in 2003, when I learned that Steve Wynn was building Wynn Las Vegas, I started looking for more info, because I'm an architecture enthusiast with an interest in Vegas. Well, the tight-lipped Wynn didn't let much info out about his new resort. I did find an aerial photo website that posted weekly photo updates of the construction and a few other photo sites where users posted photos of their Vegas vacations. I kept searching and found some architecture sites which showed other Vegas projects but nothing on Wynn. Then it happened; projects were being announced left and right. New resorts, condos and other developments started popping up weekly, which gave me many more things to research. As I researched these projects, I kept stumbling on more and more, and began to wonder why nobody had started a website devoted to this phenomena. I then decided to be that somebody. Ease of navigation, accuracy, and conciseness were paramount in the overall design of the site, as there was to be much content. I gathered my info from: countless websites, forums, city and county planning agendas, developers, architects, title companies, public relations (at the resorts), fans, and more. There are more than enough travel-based Vegas sites - talking about rooms, food, clubs, and entertainment. My website was to be about the future, development, urbanization, and architecture (with a little fun and history thrown in). - Mark E. Adams Marketing Options Developers Your project can have front page status as it graces the homepage of VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com. You can purchase one-week blocks in which your project's rendering, a brief description, and a link to your project's VegasTaT page will be displayed. You will also get a link to your website on our Links page under contributors. You can also order customized poster-size maps for your sales office and websites, highlighting your project and its surrounding area. Real Estate Brokers and Agents Get customized versions of the VegasTodayAndTomorrow Maps for use on your website and print material. Others We will entertain the notion of allowing certain vendors advertising banner space within vegastodayandtomorrow.com Contact us at requests@vegastat.com to discuss the details.
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