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    Vegetarian bodybuilders cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, are compassionate towards animal cruelty, and enjoy a leaner/sexier physique… Chris Willitts - Founder of Vegetarian Bodybuilding.comMy name is Chris Willitts, welcome to this progressive and more conscious movement in fitness. When I first got introduced to this lifestyle my biggest concern as a casual bodybuilder was if plant-based proteins were going to satisfy me and could I retain the muscle mass it took years to develop as a meat-eater. I’m currently the biggest and strongest than I’ve ever been. Let me first say you don’t have to be a 100% pure vegetarian to get on board. My vegetarian journey started out as a carnivore that transitioned to omnivore, to pescatarian, to vegetarian, to vegan, to vegetarian. Honestly, sometimes I’m semi-vegetarian because I need to consume some animal products for health-related reasons. I know this may offend some vegans… …but we are not about demonizing or judging those who eat meat at Vegetarian Bodybuilding.com I think it’s complete nonsense to dislike, or even hate, someone based on their dietary lifestyle. To love other people doesn’t require that we agree with everything they believe or do. If we’re going to have compassion for animals, let’s also extend that compassion to our brothers and sister who may be simply unaware of the torture animals endure. Our issue is with the practices of food industry itself, and we hope to attract and educate consumers at whatever level they are comfortable experimenting with, and expressing, a vegetarian lifestyle. To be clear, this nutritional profile isn’t necessarily healthy for some, and it needs to be modified and adapted (as I had to do) to accommodate blood type, biochemistry, and genetic disposition. Our topics of discussion will be vegetarian meal plans and recipes, mind-body fitness, sexual health tips, and actionable advice based in solid research. Also, Vegetarian Bodybuilding.com will provide exclusive interviews with the leading experts on bodybuilding and fitness on how to enjoy a plant-based diet that provides a full range of nutrients and sufficient protein for those of us who train hard and eat plants. It is my observation that vegetarianism offers significant advantages in nutrition for those who have a particular biochemistry, however when applied to bodybuilding it presents certain challenges. We all know bodybuilding remains dominated by meat-eaters, and it probably always will. However, a select few are realizing that a vegetarian or even a semi-vegetarian approach can avoid certain negative side effects associated with high consumption of animal products and ensure proper nutrition, making it the next frontier in healthier bodybuilding and strength training. Equally, we believe it’s important to have a mindful relationship with food, because how we think about our food enhances its nourishing capacities. Studies show this, and quantum physics explains it. Mindful Eating is a path to creating harmony within ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet. Part of our new relationship with food consists of shopping at our local markets and getting as involved with our food as possible. You will be surprised by how much pleasure this will bring you in becoming more involved with your food. In fact, we advocate the infusion of mindfulness into training regiments… and into our daily lives. More on this later. Thinking about making the transition to becoming a vegetarian? Studies increasingly show that a predominantly plant-based diet, whether vegetarian (typically lacto-ovo) or vegan (no animal products), can be just as effective as an omnivorous diet for athletic performance. But, can they compete* in bodybuilding? Vegans will certainly find it exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, to compete with meat-eating bodybuilders… vegetarians on the other hand have a fair shot. I believe we will begin to see vegetarian bodybuilding competitions in the near future though. Female fitness professionals on the other hand, don’t have to build a ton of muscle mass to compete, and therefore have nothing but an advantage in my view. Either way, as a bodybuilder or fitness pro, eating plants will prolong your fitness career and life. *In terms of bodybuilding and strength training, the key it seems, is making sure overall protein intake sufficiently meets one’s nitrogen and amino acid needs. Iron supplementation may be required for endurance, while additional creatine may be required for strength. Our New V9 Bodybuilding Programs We just rolled out a very exciting resource for meat-eaters who want some guidance on how to transition into a vegetarian diet, without losing their competitive edge. Also, there’s a sister program for those who are already plant-eating warriors that want to become plant-eating beasts, and even train for competitions as a vegetarian. These programs are structured and regimented enough to keep you focused, without intimidating you or causing unnecessary frustration. Within a set of basic guidelines and professional advice, it offers the flexibility to get creative and experiment in the kitchen with your individual food preferences and workout intensity in mind. And it’s rooted in hard science, not that regurgitated fluff that pops up with a quick Google search. If you’re interested in participating… CLICK HERE! Make no mistake, you can build muscle from a plant-based diet. I’m personally 6ft and 220lbs. chris-willitts-the-mecca That’s me in the green, just got done training with a childhood friend (he’s in special forces and want’s to remain anonymous) at “The Mecca” – Gold’s Gym, Venice, California.
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