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Publisher: Sharing our views from the 'Ville on topics ranging from parenting to product reviews to entertainment - and everything in between.
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    Publisher: Sharing our views from the 'Ville on topics ranging from parenting to product reviews to entertainment - and everything in between.
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    We aim to provide families with fun, relevant content that helps enrich and educate. We also help connect brands and readers through social media. My name is Liza and I am both a wife and the mom of a toddler (Bubbles), a stepson (Austin/A2) who is a high school junior, and a stepdaughter (Ashley/A1) a college junior. Bubbles is a typical toddler that loves anything related to Disney (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, the princesses, Sofia, and more), shows like Word World and Bubble Guppies, coloring, playing with blocks, and taking her trike for a spin outside every chance she gets. Ashley, like most college students, doesn’t have a ton of free time but what time she does have is spent being a Big Sister to her Little, reading, and making music. Both she and Austin play the guitar; Austin also plays drums and keyboard, and Ashley sings (check out her YouTube channel – she’s really good!). Ashley also recently made us very proud when she raised money for pediatric cancer by shaving her head. We currently live in Louisville, Kentucky, with my husband and the kiddos. For those not familiar with the area, Louisville and the surrounding towns are most well-known for the Louisville Bat company, the Kentucky Derby, bourbon trail, and creating the Hot Brown sandwich. As a family we also enjoy the local zoo and watching the Louisville Bats baseball team. Growing up I loved both learning and writing. This lead me to obtain B.A. degrees in both Secondary Education and English while attending college in Florida. After college I returned to my home state of Maine and taught at a public high school. I then took the opportunity to combine my love of education with my interest in business by becoming the Education Manager at a Fortune 500 company. Today my gears have shifted slightly and I am working in the instructional design field. Never losing the love of writing, in 2010 I found a creative outlet in blogging and have worked to fine-tune my craft during those years. Originally focused on sharing deals with friends and family (I have always been labeled the go-to person for finding the best sales) my goal has changed. I now shares my views on family, fun, products, activities, local events, recipes, crafts, and much, much more. In my spare time (does spare time exist when you have kids?) I love to sit and browse Pinterest. I find so many great recipes, crafts, and DIY projects to try, plus lots of great ideas for traveling, designing our next house, gift giving and lots more. I also like to watch Disney movies with Bubbles, try new things in the kitchen, and do a bit of shopping. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea or coffee (make mine black, please, and extra-strong!), and check out our Views From the ‘Ville.
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