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Vintage Charm Restored
Publisher: Vintage Charm Restored - Bringing new life and love to your old pieces.
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    Publisher: Vintage Charm Restored - Bringing new life and love to your old pieces.
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    Hi, I’m Lori Young. I live in North Dallas and I have a passion for all things Vintage. I offer custom painted furniture in the North Texas & Dallas area one piece at a time- turning the old into something new and sometimes new into something that looks like it’s been aged to perfection. But it’s more than paint around here. I am creating all things crafty and getting into projects with every DIY idea we can dream up. I am a wife to the best husband and mother to four pretty awesome kiddos. {I am that mom with kiddos in all stages from Senior in High School all the way down to my perky little four year old.] We have lots of fun and love to share our passion in adoption and special needs!! so grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!! From the time I was very young, I had an appreciation for beautiful furniture, unique frames, linens, and dishes. I can remember when my mother married who I call “dad” , my grandmother had a beautiful home one I hadn’t seen my whole life {of 9 years}. I loved going there it was a treasure hunt every time. Her basement had her old school teacher desk, those lovely vintage pastel dishes, piles of national geographics(yes I love those), her powder bath had old pictures with the most ornate frames from floor to ceiling, every room was filled with gorgeous french provincial pieces, and the beds had layers of gorgeous linens… my other grandma {my 2nd mom}, had such a gift for finding beautiful things at such a great price and passed down to me priceless family treasures at such a young age. Both of these women had such a huge impact on me in totally different ways they’ll never get to see. But keeping things in the family and in my home to use daily is such an important part of who I am today. The sentimental value offsets any monetary gain and paint helped me LOVE those pieces even more. I have been painting and paper crafting my whole life. My mother was always redecorating and moving furniture around and trying to achieve a beautiful home on a budget. It only seems natural that I would do the same. Recycling is a huge part of our household and this has been on our fridge for years… This combined with the absolute desire to show my children the importance of using your gifts and talents to their fullest—–> Nothing goes to Waste!! I love the relationships built thru my love to bring new life to old tired pieces. It is so fun to continually amaze myself and clients with how a fresh coat of paint and beautiful finish can make a huge difference, allowing them to put their style and spin on a timeless piece. Styles change but paint allows us to recycle in the most beautiful way. I am constantly in search of learning new techniques and staying on top of colors and trends to make sure that the piece you take home is one you will love and is of the highest quality. I couldn’t do any of what I do without my husband. A wonderful father and best friend indeed. He has been a constant source of encouragement and support in every little adventure I take. He’s certainly my rock and the muscles behind this great little business I have!! cropped-vintage-charm-restored-header3.png Why Vintage Charm Restored?? My love of all things old, full of life and stories yet to be told. Full of character and charm waiting to be made new again.. to be adored and loved again!! That’s charmed!! Restored made literal sense because that’s what I do to furniture. Yet it is so much more because of my faith. In striving to be that Proverbs 31 wife and mother. I said what seemed to be a simple prayer one night. Lord please help me use this passion I hold, these gifts that you have given me in abundance to serve others and let it not be a financial burden yet a blessing to my family. Not just financially, but allowing my children seeing me model the use of what you have given.~ This prayer turned this girl’s passion into more than I could have ever guessed or requested in my wildest dreams- {our family verse Eph 3:20}
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