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    W3RKSHOP started with one vision… to create high quality comics, filled with characters that are deeply rooted in our hearts. A progressive studio, unlike any comic studio around, focusing on online digital content with traditional leans. Pioneering Sequenetics, kinetic sequential art, with Warshop as the first true Sequenetic online graphic novel, W3RKSHOP aims to properly progress the comic book medium into today’s digital age. Utilizing current trends, while maintaining the sequential charm. The comic book industry has been in a transition phase for some time now. Digital is figuring itself out, if it hasn’t done so already, print is left to those who can afford it… but the art form, the medium, is stronger and richer than ever. W3RKSHOP is committed to contribute our small part in ensuring the survival of the comic book, and this industry, that we all love and are all so passionate about. Our goal is to spread the love of comics, spread our stories, give open access to those craving adventure, inspiration, and have an itch in the imagination that need to be scratched. We are the dreamer’s dreamer. In providing quality stories, filled with great art, of the noble, interesting and brave characters we create and bring to life, W3RKSHOP is setting the example, and raising the bar, on today’s comic book!
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