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Publisher: Wedding dresses, cakes, bridal accessories, hair, makeup, favors, wedding planning & other ideas for brides | Wedding Inspirasi
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    Publisher: Wedding dresses, cakes, bridal accessories, hair, makeup, favors, wedding planning & other ideas for brides | Wedding Inspirasi
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    Wedding Inspirasi is a blog featuring bridal styles from around the globe. We do not sell the wedding gowns or any items featured on our website. For information on prices and how/where to buy the products featured, please visit the website of the bridal gown designer/manufacturer indicated at the bottom of the post. Send us your latest press releases (in English), bridal collection images and editorial questions at the following email: editor @ weddinginspirasi [dot] com Please read the FAQs before sending us an email. Thank you! FAQs From Brides Common questions from brides-to-be Can You Help Me Identify A Wedding Dress? We get hundreds of email requesting us to identify wedding dresses. While we try to help as much as we can, sometimes it is really difficult to identify a gown, especially when we’ve never featured them. Saw a wedding gown photo with a Wedding Inspirasi watermark? Here’s a hint: an image with the Wedding Inspirasi watermark typically include the name of the designer at the bottom right corner. Do a search of that name on our site and you can locate the post with details about the designer and collection. What Is The Price of This Wedding Dress? We DO NOT sell the gowns featured on Wedding Inspirasi, nor are we affiliated with the companies selling the gowns. At the end of each post, you will find a link to the company or designer of the bridal collection. Please visit the website linked for more information. Your questions regarding prices, fabrics, alteration and availability should be sent to the companies directly (i.e., not us). From Businesses Common questions about editorial submissions, image permissions and copyright, advertising opportunities, guest writing gigs. I am a fashion designer/bridal house/photographer and would like my collection or bridal photos to be featured on Wedding Inspirasi. What do I do? Send us an email with a few of your photos to : <<editor@weddinginspirasi.com>>. If we’re interested, you’ll be hearing from us soon! Also read our Get Featured section to see what we’re looking for. Can I guest write for Wedding Inspirasi? We are not accepting guest writers at the moment. Can we we have permission to use the images from Wedding Inspirasi? Unless otherwise stated, we DO NOT own the copyright to the images featured on Wedding Inspirasi. Please contact the company directly with your request. Are you the copyright owner of an image featured on Wedding Inspirasi? If we have missed out on correctly attributing the images to you, the copyright owner, please write us an email and we will rectify this. If you would like an image that belongs to you to be removed from our website, please write us an email. How do I advertise on Wedding Inspirasi? Currently we are working on ad rates and model. We will be accepting direct advertising in future.
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