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We’re proud to be an industry leader in health and wellness, helping people lose weight, transform their lives and enjoy the foods they love.

With our Personal Coaching experience, 24/7 Expert Chat (real-time, online support on mobile and our site), 700 meeting locations across the country and comprehensive apps to help our Members stay on track, we are experts when it comes to behavior change and weight loss.

So how are we different? Weight Watchers works because we understand people and how their brains work. We know losing weight is hard. We all live in the real world, and the real world is… complex. That’s why we combine a weight-loss plan with customized support to help with the tricky parts.

We take great pride in improving people’s lives and helping to make the world a healthier place. Doing good feels really, really good.

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    Our fundamental mission is to bring 50 years of Weight Watchers success to consumers online, helping them to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. At WeightWatchers.com, we accomplish this by combining the proven Weight Watchers weight loss plan with the very best online weight-loss tools. Why advertise on WeightWatchers.com? Few brands are as strong as Weight Watchers, and few websites are as vibrant as WeightWatchers.com. We have brought more than 50 years of heritage and a proven track record of Weight Watchers to the Internet, speaking to millions of people in an authoritative yet empathetic voice, offering information, advice, encouragement and the best weight-loss tools online. Now we are making limited marketing opportunities available to quality products and services that are relevant to users of WeightWatchers.com. We have developed a menu of sponsorship and advertising possibilities that take advantage of all our site has to offer; more important we also have limited the presence of outside companies to ensure that our sponsors receive the highest level of exposure and maximum impact. WeightWatchers.com users are loyal to the site, active and involved. They are seekers of information. The community aspects of our site are important to them, as is the wealth of quality content provided. It's no wonder our site ranks among the stickiest on the Internet, with heavy repeat usage and massive numbers of pageviews. Building a brand and building a relationship with online consumers, using the right message in the right environment, can be done efficiently and with great results at WeightWatchers.com - the online gateway to all things Weight Watchers.
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Christine Horgan
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Marketing Director at Weight Watchers International, Inc.
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