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Publisher: West Coast Mama - raising a family in the pacific northwest
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    Publisher: West Coast Mama - raising a family in the pacific northwest
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    Hi! My name is Margarita and I am a wife & mama to two beautiful children, and I am currently living in beautiful British Columbia – smack dab in between Vancouver & Whistler. I moved here from Toronto almost four years ago and, after quite an adjustment period, am starting to appreciate everything the ‘Rainy Coast’ has to offer! I have been blogging in different formats online since 2007, most popular and longest running being FabBrunette.com. Over the years I changed urls, blogging outlets, even my usernames online – everyone changes throughout the years, why shouldn’t your online profile? In my semi-professional life I am currently owner of Surface Works & co-owner of Plank Canvas, a boutique design & flooring firm, and I work on many graphic & blog design projects. I’m also involved in my husband’s building company as we build our home! While my work life is important to me, my biggest goal in life is to raise two beautiful children, allowing them to discover the world and encouraging them to play freely. I am not by nature an “outdoors-ey” girl, however I have made quite the effort to spend more time outside! I love skiing and playing in the snow, and I push myself to go hiking, to play in the mud and run in the sand – no matter what creepy crawleys or huge animals might be lurking out there! ABOUT WEST COAST MAMA This blog is a place for me to write about my life, my family and parenting, my travels, and my dreams. You will often find me posting about recipes that I’ve come to love, finding ways in which to simplify my life, and different ways to go green. It’s an outlet for me to write about things I’ve dealt with, like postpartum depression and anxiety or simple changes in my blogging. I also love documenting our home build - part 1, part 2, part 3 – so follow along as we build our dream!
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