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    Imagine every time when you do your daily expenses like clothing, food, spa treatment, beauty & wellness treatment, go fitness centre, repair your car, do your hair cut at your favourite saloon, buy stationery, books & magazines, household expenses, etc… you will be given a lucky draw coupons and stand a chance to win some fabulous prizes. This is what whataluck.com is all about. We are the online contest event organizer, we provide opportunities for you to win something when you do your daily expenses. We gather all your favourite merchants and businesses on our innovative platform and organize a lucky draw contest where you can take part simply by being their customer. You are awarded with Lucky Draw Coupons by our participating merchants each time you spend at their outlets. Each coupon entitles you an entry to the lucky draw contest held on this platform. All you have to do is register as member of the site (registration is FREE), then key in the lucky coupon number and you’re on the running to win fabulous prizes! The more you spend on your daily expenses, the more coupons you will receive, the higher your chances of winning fabulous prizes. Our participating merchants consist of businesses from various industries such as Spa Treatments, Fashion & Clothes, Shoes & Watches, Property Developments, Clinics & Medical, Entertainment, Sports & Travel, Books & Leisure, Music & Theater, Beauty & Wellness, Computer & Gadgets, Automotives, Jewelleries & Accessories, Food & Beverages, etc. Whatever the type of businesses, you name it and we have it, and if we don’t have it, let us know, we will get it for you. Now Everyone Can Win!
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