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Who Needs A Cape?
Publisher: Who Needs A Cape? - Not your average super moms.
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    Publisher: Who Needs A Cape? - Not your average super moms.
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    We are a group of women who met online several years ago, looking for friends and support during our pregnancies. We have become wonderfully close friends, even though we haven’t had the opportunity to all meet in person (yet!). We respect each other immensely, even when we don’t see eye to eye on subjects. Knowing that we can express and just be ourselves has made our friendship even stronger. We all come from a variety of backgrounds, upbringings and live around the United States; some of us work at home, some of us work out of the home and some of us do a little of both. We are the average, everyday mom just trying the get through each day. We created this blog to share our families, ideas and lessons we have learned through our journey of life. We hope that we can bring you joy, laughter and companionship that we share with each other. WNACBevinprofileBevin is mom of a two kiddos that are fifteen months apart and has been married to the most amazing man for just over ten years. She also adores Sky, her Lurcher (Whippet cross) and Zeus, an evil eighteen pound black cat. She has lived in North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia and England, but has spent most of her life in Texas. Bevin has a degree in child development that helps her deal with adults in daily life and occasionally helps at home with the kids. If you haven’t heard from her in a couple days, she is probably reading. Bevin loves to cook, travel and to dabble in photography. heather_profileHeather is a part-time working mom from the Midwest who lives with her family at the Jersey Shore. Together with her husband Heather has 3 boys. She loves peace and quiet because it doesn’t happen at her house. Her favorite things are working (cause it’s a night out of the house), baking, reading, and any Real Housewives show. Heather has a few super powers up her sleeve, the biggest being the ability to make vodka disappear! Always up for something fun, Heather definitely has a streak of wild although some of that has been tamed by being mom. She has spent years looking for her super cape, but has finally come to the realization that she just doesn’t need it. WNACLoriprofileLori is a former big-haired, power-ballad-singing girl of the ’80s who is now a stay-at-home mom. A lifelong Michigan resident Lori has enjoyed some adventurous travels to exotic locations. She is happily married with a large family including 3 beautiful daughters and 3 step-children. Her large blended family is somewhat typical of many these days: step-children, step-parents, new siblings, and a broad range of ages (24 years between oldest and youngest) – all of which leads to an ever-changing dynamic and a lot of trial and error. Lori’s passions in life include: baking, beaches, coffee, Survivor, Bret Michaels, a good bargain and all things chocolate. wnacRebeccaprofileRebecca is a full time mom of four crazy heathens (ages 16, 13, 6, and 4) who keep her and her husband on their toes. Originally from New Mexico, she and her family now call the great state of Montana home. When she’s not jamming out in the car while driving her brood around she loves to READ, is a novice DIY’er, and dabbles in cooking and crafting which fuel her Pinterest addiction. She and her husband enjoy getting out into the clean crisp Montana air to hike or just take the kids to the river. Some of her favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Haven, Justified, SOA, and True Blood. Her favorite authors are Jeaniene Frost, Victioria Laurie, Mary Janice Davidson, Ilona Andrews, Madelyn Alt, and Charlaine Harris. Her superpowers include the ability to speed read, curse as if a drunken sailor, a biker AND a trucker had a baby, and stay semi-sane. wnacSherryprofileSherry is formerly from Pennsylvania’s Amish Country but now lives in the high-octane fast lane of Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been married to her husband Michael for nearly 10 years and is the mother to two rambunctious girls, ages 4 and 2, who find plenty of mischief to ensure their mom never slows down to an idle. A graphic artist by trade for the last 20 years, Sherry had to do some downshifting when she stepped away from her full-time career in 2009 to spend more time with her oldest daughter. And with the addition of her youngest in 2010, life always seems to be one mad dash after the other to reach that ever-elusive finish line. Sherry’s super powers are multi-tasking and being a people-pleaser; but when used unwisely, those powers instead become her Kryptonite and her world veers out of control instead of staying nicely between the lines and hugging the road of life. In addition to loving all things chocolate, she enjoys gardening, baking, trashy reality television, blogging, amateur photography, craft projects with her girls, and watching hockey and UFC with her husband.
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