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    Publisher: Will Write 4 Travel
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    My name is Irene and I believe in street food, $3 massages, locally-owned businesses and that amazing experiences await for those who go forth and explore. I am a wife, full-time working professional, part-time MBA graduate student, part-time blogger and writer, and member of the X Generation. My previous work experience includes a four-year stint at the world's largest student travel agency on the marketing and e-commerce side. The travel bug bit me long ago and I have had the opportunity to visit six of the seven continents by my 26th birthday. (Still haven't made it to Antarctica). After spending the bulk of my life in Los Angeles, I was dragged to the mid-Atlantic by my then boyfriend, now husband (aka Raisin Bread). We were married in June 2011 in an intimate ceremony in Arlington, Virginia. Two months later, some of our friends and family joined us on Maui to celebrate our nuptials. This blog has had many manifestations since 2002 and has been renamed too many times to count. It serves as my place to share my travel and food experiences. However, as my interests are diverse, I am often not able to resist sharing on other topics, including art, health and wellness and style.
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