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Founded in 2003, Wister was at the beginning a mobile services editor, distributed on operator portals. Thanks to the mobile expertise gained through partnerships with operators, Wister runs perfectly its traffic monetization services. Starting from 2007, Wister develops its own Mobile Affiliate Network. The company now operates worldwide (London, Singapore, Los Angeles) and diversifies its campaigns. In order to bring more value to its catalogue, Wister integrates to its platform: third parties services also considered as mobile specialists. A true success story: Wister’s financial results have been highly profitable those last ten years.

Trade Associations:

Wister is part of the GESTE, the MMA and the IAB

What we do :

We monetize 100% of your Web & Mobile inventories.

Create your account : www.wister.com
Add a site : we provide campaigns tailored to your site's profile
Redirect your traffic via urls or via our redirect script
Monitor your performance through powerful CRM & Reporting tools
Get your share of the income

Our assets :

Wifi, 3G, Rendering. Operating System, Telephones
+ de 2700 handsets
+ 100 countries
Tracking mobile Server to Server
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  • Mobile Display
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    Mobile Affiliate Network: Mobile affiliate program & mobile affiliate network
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    Our programme The Wister platform allows to optimize your mobile traffic. How? Target your mobile visitors. As simple as that? Yes! That's all you have to do: Sign up on Wister Create your campaign: tell us what you sell and what proportion you wish to pay to the affiliates. Add your promotional tools: these are the banners, interstitials and RSS feeds that will be displayed on our affiliates' sites. (We can help you create them.) Optimize your mobile traffic performance: our monitoring tools will give you all the information you need. Sorry, that's all you have to do! Each campaign is fully customisable to suit your needs. We are at your side to advise you and share with you our experience of the mobile sector. Whether you want to reach as many people as possible or target a particular audience, we have what you need. Our monitoring tools allow you to study and optimise the performance of promotional support. Our statistics are available in real time and can also be integrated into your reporting interface. You can upgrade your promotional tools at your leisure, or simply add new ones. With our platform, your mobile traffic will be fully optimized.
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