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Publisher: WoodenBoat Magazine | WoodenBoat, Small Boats, Getting Started in Boats, and Professional BoatBuilder
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The Company
WoodenBoat Publications, Inc. is independently owned and was founded (with WoodenBoat Magazine) in 1974. Currently, the company publishes magazines (WoodenBoat, Professional BoatBuilder), books, monographs, and plans. Additionally, the company includes The WoodenBoat School, the WoodenBoat Store, the WoodenBoat Show, the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference [IBEX], several sites on the Internet, and a variety of other projects and events. The company is dedicated, entirely, to
the marine industry.

Editorial Profile
Our mission is to continue to serve and inspire our core audience while attracting ever younger enthusiasts into this community of engaged readers by making boating and boatbuilding accessible to all. Throughout the evolution of WoodenBoat, we have focused on the raw materials, the techniques and processes, the historical appreciation, the pioneers and practitioners, and the current and future trends of boating and boatbuilding. We bring this information to our readers in each and every issue. To describe the average WoodenBoat reader as “passionate” is a given. He or she is committed to the world of wooden boats and boating, whether as a builder or simply an appreciator of the craft. Nearly 90% of WoodenBoat’s 75,000 readers own one or more boats, while 83% work on their own boats every year. What makes WoodenBoat readers so unparalleled is that they build their own boats: 70% of WoodenBoat readers have built or helped build a boat, and, on average, subscribers have built 4.7 boats. That’s putting passion into practice!

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    Publisher: WoodenBoat Magazine | WoodenBoat, Small Boats, Getting Started in Boats, and Professional BoatBuilder
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    For over 30 years WoodenBoat Publications has provided readers with a dynamic editorial environment that combines emerging technologies with traditional methods of boat design, construction and repair. Jon Wilson founded WoodenBoat in September 1974 with the publication of the first issue of WoodenBoat magazine featuring the schooner SILVER HEELS. Jon assembled the magazine from his (non-log) cabin in North Brooksville, Maine. All was accomplished without electricity or plumbing, and with his telephone nailed to a tree—half a mile down the road. Taking issue #1 to the Newport Sailboat Show, he sold 400 individual copies and signed up 200 subscribers. Targeted to boatbuilders, designers, and wooden boat owners, WoodenBoat is published six times each year, and now has a circulation of approximately 100,000. - See more at: http://www.woodenboat.com/woodenboat-publications-brooklin-maine#sthash.cCMUqBpc.dpuf
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