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Founded in June 2007, Work Home Union was created to assist Independent Contractors in finding legitimate employment from home. Too often when looking for Virtual Office Opportunities we run into scam after scam. Unfortunately, most of the "jobs" offered on the Internet in the self-employment arena are bogus, and part of some MLM farce.

Enter WorkHomeUnion. On our home page, we have listed over 30 legitimate opportunities to generate income from the privacy of your home, or from anywhere you have an Internet connection. There's no registration, no signing up, just click on the link and it will take you to the application for that particular position.

We are also a Union for Independent Contractors. The Union is still in the developmental stages as we are working hard to build an international investigative team. A team that works together via the Internet, to create a powerful voice for the Self-employed, and the Independent Contractor.

WorkHomeUnion is here to assist those who have experienced bias in the virtual office workplace, and to partner with individuals and companies who want to make a positive difference on the World Wide Web.

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    Marketing and advertising opportunities are available at WorkHomeUnion.com. If you are interested in finding out more information, please e-mail us detailing the campaign you have in mind. We provide our users with relevant, helpful information, about legitimate virtual office opportunities, and other entrepreneurial pursuits. Therefore, we will only consider services that are related to the theme of our site. We look forward to working with you. Work Home Union gets traffic from across the globe. As more and more people pursue legitimate virtual office positions, word has spread like a wild fire on the many jobs offered by Work Home Union. This benefit, coupled with the fact that we are a "Union" and work together to help other Independent Contractors to be treated fairly in the virtual office environment, makes us the idea spot on the web. Thousands of online entrepreneurs, teachers looking for summer work, self-employed, novice Internet users, and generally people from all walks of life stop by Work Home Union on a daily basis. We will create and place a 234 x 60 banner at the top of our home page, along with a 468 x 60 banner on our links page, and a 468 by 60 banner on the Work Home Union Blog, for the cost and time frame listed above. Therefore, you will have a total of 3 banners on 3 different pages for $25 (1 month), or $60 (3 months), or $125 (6 months), or $250 (12 months). Try it for a couple of months and see what difference advertising with WHU will make for your website. If you find that your sales and/or site visits have increased, your advertising cost will pay for itself in no time. Our advertising fees are negotiable so send an email to: contact@workhomeunion.com with the subject: Advertise .. for more information.
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