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Publisher: Wrightwood CA - Weather, Cabins, Webcams and Information
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    Publisher: Wrightwood CA - Weather, Cabins, Webcams and Information
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    If you are looking for the best way to advertise around the Wrightwood community, you have found it! WrightwoodCA.com has a large volume of visitors throughout the year looking for Local Information and Live Webcam footage. Aside from having a Premium Business Listing in our Business Guide (which displays random Business Card-sized Advertisements to the right side of each page), we offer Banner Advertising at the top of different sections of our website, or at the bottom of the entire website. Below, is a list of the sections in which we offer Paid Banner Advertising. Also included is the monthly rate for each section (based on the number of visitors and page hits every month). All Paid Banner Advertisements at the top of each section are 468x60 pixels in size (prices listed below). The Paid Banner Advertisement at the bottom of EVERY page is 728x90 pixels ($200 per Month). (An example of a Paid Banner Advertisement is the WrightwoodCA.com advertising banner above this page.) If you do not have an Advertisement Banner and don't want to pay someone to design one, don't worry... We will design a simple Banner Advertisement for you, free of charge! Most Advertisement requests will be allowed, whether it is for your business, website, personal event, etc. however approval of your advertisement will be up to the discretion of the WrightwoodCA.com Staff. Banner Advertisements can be paid for on a month to month basis or we offer discounts for advance payments of 6 months or more. For example, you would receive 5% off of the total cost if you purchase 6 months together, or 10% off of the cost if you purchase 12 months or more, together. Premium Business Listings are also available for $25 per Month to give your Business some extra attention in our Business Directory with Premium Listings and Business Card-sized Advertisements displayed in a random rotation on the right side of each page ----------> Banner Advertisement Pricing Options $25 / Month Groups & Organizations Wrightwood Video Archive Emergency Resources Maps and Directions Mountain Road Conditions Event Facilities Wrightwood Visitor Centers Wrightwood Homes & Real Estate $50 / Month Wrightwood CA Photos Wrightwood Snow Sports Big Pines Zipline Tours San Gabriel Mountains Canyons and Valleys Wrightwood Picnic Areas Jackson Lake $75 / Month Business Directory Wrightwood Live Webcams Wrightwood Campgrounds Wrightwood Hiking Trails $100 / Month WrightwoodCA.com Home Page $200 / Month Be seen at the bottom of EVERY page.
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