Project Revision "Be mobile" - a team of creative people who every day makes life more mobile, simple and varied. These days and nights looking for useful information on the mobile, technology, computers, all kinds of gadgets and services. All these guys are doing for the morning, afternoon and evening users of our project might say, "but it is a cool thing, I want the same!", "Wow, I did not know", "Tell a friend, they who not know! ". In addition, every user of our project may itself become a correspondent and editor of our project. We welcome the initiative of people!

Let's get acquainted!
Especially for this section, we conducted a small study that fully discloses our team. So,

the average age of our employees - 27.5 years.
the average price of used a smartphone or a phone - 8544 rubles.
in our three editors owner iPhone, Android users five and one - Windows Phone.
Friday order a meal in office for the interactive Test, Play "Mafia", "Cross-parallel", etc.
Well, now a little more about each member of our editorial board.

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    Currently, the audience of the project "Be mobile" has more than 200 000 users monthly [data Yandeks.Metrika ]. Advantages of the project Promotion on the Internet project "Be mobile!" Allows for communication with a segment of the audience aged 16-40 years, underserved by traditional media; Clearly the impact on the target audience segment, because the needs of the target audience , "Be mobile" 90% identical to the profile of business partners; Adequate assessment of the audience in terms of quantity, if the circulation of the printed media and outdoor advertising - something quite abstract, the "Be mobile!" As the online resource has a precise and unambiguous attendance statistics of each section; Get more "feedback" from the promotional activities: Advertising Specialist "Be mobile!" Will provide accurate statistics on how many people turned to your promotional materials; Promotion to "Be mobile!" Allows the user involvement in the discussion of a product, service or brand by organizing two-way communication; Promotion to "Be mobile!" Positions the company as an open, modern, interactive, due to the simple user access to information about the brand, products and services. Calculation shows / day 4000 / week 35000 / month: 140000 Views on the home: 25% of the total The cost of accommodation is considered week CPM * 7days Targeting Region (% of the basic price) Moscow - 30% St. Petersburg - 20% Chelyabinsk - 25% Yekaterinburg - 25% The cost of advertising on the sites of the project depends on the volume, maturity amount of the order, and the places where your ad will be placed. Please contact us and we will find the most efficient solution for your advertising budget and will offer a variety of options. For regular customers and advertising agencies a system of discounts. Prices are exclusive of VAT, VAT is not provided. When buying a placement for a period less than that indicated in the price list, 20% extra charge. Banners - 3000 rubles. Adaptation banner to our technical requirements - 1500 rubles. Contact Information: 454092, Chelyabinsk, st. Thieves, 15B, Office 1 (entrance from courtyard) Phone: +7 351 261 88 75 Fax: +7 351 261 88 59 Mail address-the E:
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Ivan Kusch
Chief Project Editor
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