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    The following policy has been developed to oversee and manage different types of advertising on the YayToys.com website. YayToys.com reserves the unconditional right to interpret and enforce this policy and all guidelines or matters associated with advertising or sponsorship on the YayToys.com website. For the purposes of this policy, advertising content includes banner advertisements, sponsored content, logos, images, or graphic content displayed on the website. YayToys.com reserves the right to amend this policy at any time at its sole discretion by publishing a revised policy on the YayToys.com website. Non Endorsement: At no time and under no circumstances will the acceptance and display of any advertising or sponsorship content be considered an endorsement by YayToys.com of that company or organization’s products or services or an endorsement of the company or organization that promotes, distributes or manufactures the advertised products or services. A. Advertising Guidelines The following guidelines must be adhered to by all advertisers on the YayToys.com website: All advertisers must comply with applicable laws and guidelines as defined by organizations such as the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Sponsored continuing education programs must be identified in accordance with the guidelines of pertinent accreditation organizations. If products or services are advertised at a specific price, the advertiser must guarantee the price including disclosure of applicable taxes and delivery fees. B. Advertising Policies YayToys.com will not accept advertising for search results through which one product may be presented more favorably than another based upon a monetary incentive provided by an advertiser or sponsor. YayToys.com will not accept or publish “Ad-words” or other forms of text-based advertising that can be misconstrued as editorial content. YayToys.com requires that sponsors of each advertisement must be clearly identified in the copy of every advertisement. All advertising content will be clearly identified on the website. Labels such as “Advertisement” or “Paid Promotion” will be used to identify this content. If an advertisement, promotion, or sponsorship is initiated by a subsidiary, foundation, or other related business entity of a parent company, YayToys.com requires that the “parent” entity be identified as part of the advertisement, promotion, or sponsorship. Advertisements will not be integrated with educational or objective content in any way that will infer endorsement of a particular product or service. All advertisements must be approved by YayToys.com prior to being published. Should an advertiser not comply with this policy, the advertisement(s) will immediately be removed from the website. In a situation in which there has been a breach of advertising policy, fees paid for the advertisements in question will be non-refundable. One-Strike Rule: Should an advertiser be found to be in breach of this advertising policy, they will not be provided a second chance and will banned from future advertising on YayToys.com. YayToys.com does not assume responsibility concerning advertisers, their positions, practices, services, or products. Advertising will not be allowed that could injure the good name or reputation of YayToys.com or any affiliated organizations.
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